Community Squad ending explained: what happens to the Urban Guards?

Community Squad is an Argentinian comedy series with the occasional drama currently on Netflix, and it follows a group of civilians who encounter more than they signed up for as aids of the police.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Felipe’s longtime girlfriend has just broken up with him out of the blue, and he turns to his father who also happens to be his employer. 

He tells Felipe to take a break from work, effectively putting him on paid leave, after which Felipe’s sister accompanies him to the park to discuss his options. There, someone steals his backpack and he tries but fails to chase the thief. 

He is accompanied by a member of the Urban Guards, which he discovers is a program initiated by the police to improve their image.

When he goes to the station to report it, he meets a woman in a wheelchair named Sofia and they briefly flirt before he is inadvertently roped into joining the program as the officers want to capitalize on his Jewish identity. 

He decides to stick to it, and the Guards undergo a rather tacky orientation during which the tokenism behind their hires gradually becomes clear.

They head out to begin their work, and Felipe’s partner Diego comes with him to inspect a warehouse to find out who parked a car on the wrong street. 

Instead, they are met with a family of criminals, one of whom shoots Diego and leaves him in a coma. Felipe gets away.

An investigation is led by the police at the warehouse upon Felipe’s insistence, but it is not taken seriously. To protect the reputation of the Urban Guards, the police decide on the narrative that Felipe was never at the warehouse. 

Meanwhile, the criminals huddle at the toy store they are based out of to discuss their slip-ups. The Guards are scared, and no one tries to help Felipe, who plans to leave. His mind is changed when Diego’s mother pleads with him to find the culprit. 

There is an attempt to promote the Guards’ image but their pictures are vandalized and footage of them is made into memes. Diego’s attempted killer shows up at Felipe’s place disguised as a fumigator.

He decides to spare him because of how public Felipe’s image has become. The Guards are then stationed at the park, where Felipe and Sonia accidentally arrest a drug dealer who they thought was a vandalizer.

The officer leading the Urban Guards program takes the interrogation too far and is suspended by his superiors for harassing the suspect. Later, it turns out that the drug dealer works for the same people who had shot Diego, and he is shot dead.

Felipe finds the license number of the truck parked in front of the warehouse in a picture.

Someone else is employed in place of Diego, and Felipe becomes jealous of the new Guard’s humor. He tries to talk to her but fumbles.

They try to find the license plate together. Sofia then reveals her interest in him and they sneak away to make out, only to be surprised by Felipe’s car getting burned down by Diego’s shooter.

Later that night, Sofia is put off by Felipe’s awkwardness and the next morning she refuses to kiss him.

At a meeting, the Urban Guards receive assignments that reveal the bias of the police officer assigning them; for one, he assigns the case of a hoarder to the two female Guards because it “requires sensitivity.” 

Meanwhile, Felipe commits to his secret investigation on the shooter of Diego, and he is joined by Sofia and another coworker who retrieves important information on a mission.

At a comedy standup night, Felipe refers to himself and Sofia as a couple, and Sofia makes it clear that she doesn’t want them to be one, so they remain friends.

The shooter of Diego’s organization deals in drugs from the toy store. When Diego was hospitalized, all of his possessions were given to Felipe, including one toy that Diego had picked up at the warehouse. Felipe doesn’t realize this yet. 

Some uniformed officers cook up a story to convince the Guards that they had investigated the matter, but this doesn’t convince Felipe. 

An important official from the police force, Julio, is revealed to be in cohorts with the toy store operation. He shoots Diego’s shooter for talking back to him. He then tells the rest of them that their last chance will be at a rave.

Frustrated with himself, Felipe tears up his plans and chucks the toy over his bed, where it hits the bin and cracks open, revealing the pills.

His grandmother finds and consumes them, thinking they are chocolate. Sofia gets a new wheelchair for her birthday from her family, which makes her uncomfortable. 

Two of the uniformed officers are also dirty. Felipe’s grandmother is hospitalized, and her daughter and husband find out about the drugs.

They think Felipe takes them. The Urban Guards have been assigned a rave but they are given spiked water by the dirty cops and forget their duties. 

Felipo wakes up in his room with other people and his mother and grandfather try to stage an intervention, but he has a revelation about the toys and rushes to the station, where he finds out that the Guards’ behavior at the rave was broadcast on the news and the program has been discontinued. Diego is finally out of his coma.

Community Squad ending explained in detail:

What happens to Diego?

Felipe informs Julio about his findings of the drugs being hidden in the toys, unknowingly tipping him off. The rest of the Guards visit Diego in the hospital.

Diego manages to convey through charades that Julio is selling drugs, for Diego can remember Julio from before he blacked out. The squad sneaks Diego out of the hospital and collects some weapons. 

What happens to Felipe and the rest of the Urban Guards?

Felipe is led inside the toy store by the dirty officers. The squad arrives and a shootout ensues, where many Urban Guards including Felipe are wounded.

Julio hurries to a car and drives off, but Diego is still in there and he pepper sprays him, resulting in a car crash. Julio quickly runs off while the squad heads back to the office and celebrates as a team.

What happens to Julio?

Julio has run away and disguises himself in what appears to be a hotel room, but he is discovered by his drug-dealing superiors who go by the names Chang Cho and China.

They accuse him of being racist and he confesses that he has lost the money. They shoot him and tune in to the channel on TV where the Urban Guards are being lauded.

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