Barry: FUBAR character explained

Barry is one of the major supporting characters in the Netflix comedy-drama series, FUBAR, lending his nerdy charm and comic timing to the plot.

Luke Brunner is a CIA operative and has worked for 40 years at the agency. His best friend there and also in real life outside of it, is Barry, a man in his thirties who has a penchant for comic books, superheroes, and ice-cream cakes with chocolate crunchies.

Throughout the entire run of FUBAR season 1, he shows tremendous heart, courage, and expertise while also serving as one of the primary comic reliefs.

Uncle Barry

Emma calls Barry her uncle, and it surprises Aldone and Roo the first time they hear it. Barry explains to them why that is.

He was 21 years old when he started working with Luke Brunner, which means he started making more and more appearances at his house, and family visits would have become quite frequent as he became Luke’s best friend.

Emma was 11 when he was 21 and she started calling him uncle. Barry says it kinda stuck after that and regarding the fact that he looks so young while being called an uncle, he hits the with the classic “Black don’t crack” phrase.

Case of conditions

Barry is a human compendium of health issues. One of the major reasons he’s not a field agent and isn’t deployed as often is because of the slew of conditions he suffers from.

Barry FUBAR Netflix
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He has heart issues, along with ulcers and intestinal issues, which he claims he developed because of the stress of not being able to reveal to Emma and Luke about each other’s truths.

In spite of his set of health conditions, Barry can’t help but salivate for the desserts and the sugary stuff. Luke lashes out at him at one point for eating too much sour patch and compromising his body and health.

Hesitant geek to alpha nerd

Barry is also a big nerd and a comic geek, with comic books and collectibles aplenty. Roo teases him for being such a nerd and impeding, therefore, his own chances of dating Tina.

However, he meets his true match in Tina who also turns out to be a nerd and a comic book fan like him, not only understanding his references and passion for the medium and heroes but also sharing her knowledge of the medium and using it to woo him.

While he may exude a meek-like persona on the outside, he’s a brave man and when the NSA calls Tina back, he takes the initiative and works out a plan that manages to let her continue her tenure at the CIA a little longer.

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