Aarya season 3 part 2 summary and ending explained

Aarya season 3 part 2 follows the eponymous crimelord’s attempts to regain her consignment and save her family from all threats. The episodes are streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

With the consignment seized, Aarya finds herself in the crosshairs of Mikhail and Nalini Sahiba.

Her children’s lives are at stake and she will do anything possible to keep them safe. She pleads with Nalini to give her more time to find out where the drugs are.

Veer is struggling with Roop’s death and turns to alcohol as his escape. Aru and Dhruv fall in love with each other, but he continues to inform Khan about Aarya’s movements.

Adi is worried about the welfare officer’s visit, but he and Aarya do not know that the officer is working with the police.

Aarya tells Sampat to figure out a way to find out where the drugs are being kept. She drops off Apu at Maya’s house, but Maya asks her to stay away from her.

Khan finds out that Sushila is the informant, and Aarya promises to help her. However, Sampat ends up killing her in a scuffle after she didn’t trust him.

Aarya asks Sampat to find out where the drugs are being held and a way to get them back. Khan finds out where Aarya is meeting Mikhail and sets up surveillance in the room.

However, Veer is involved in a car accident and Aarya asks for the meeting location to be changed.

Nalini sends Abhimanyu to the meeting to ensure that Aarya isn’t making deals behind their back.

Aarya meets Mikhail in a crowded place and the police arrive there to observe. Aru finds out that Dhruv is an informant and she rushes to save Aarya.

She gets there in time to pass the message but Mikhail gets aggressive and a shoot-out ensues where Daulat arrives to save Aarya.

The police arrest Mikhail but Aarya and Abhimanyu escape. Daulat says that her mother was the one who told him to help her.

Aarya threatens to kill Dhruv but he provides the location of the incinerator and the time when the drugs are being burnt.

She tells him that the only safe place for him is inside her house. Daulat tells Sampat about Dhruv and Sampat wants to retaliate against the informant.

Aarya orders that Dhruv is off-limits because she doesn’t want to hurt Aru’s feelings. Khan takes Aarya to the station for questioning about the shoot-out, and she misses the meeting with the welfare officer.

Mikhail warns Nalini that he’ll take control of her land if she doesn’t get the drugs back. Nalini tells Aarya that Abhimanyu will accompany her for the reclamation.

When they get the consignment, Abhimanyu tries to betray Aarya but she gains the upper hand. She tells Nalini to leave her alone or say goodbye to the consignment forever.

Dhruv doesn’t feel safe in Aarya’s house so he tries to escape but Sampat shoots him against orders.

Aru gets him to the hospital and calls Khan there, then blames Aarya for the hit. Khan and his superiors believe that the consignment is burnt, but that’s not true.

Aarya chides Sampat for disobeying her and he insists that informants must face death. She tells him not to come near her or her family ever again.

Nalini doesn’t like the way the Russians are treating her so she brings in another buyer named Mr. Udo. She promises to give him the drugs if he eliminates Mikhail.

Aarya’s children finally have enough of her when their second meeting with the welfare officer is interrupted by Nalini Sahiba.

They leave her alone and she contemplates ending her life. Daulat shows up and tells her to fight for her children.

Ending explained:

Doing his duty

After confirming that the drugs were incinerated, Khan visits Maya and offers her another chance to strike a deal for protection.

While leaving, he notices her car which is still dirty from the night Sooraj died. He secures the GPS data of her car and arranges a search of the area.

They eventually find Sooraj’s body and arrest Maya for the murder of Sooraj and Nandini.

Sacrificing herself

Aarya decides that ending her involvement in the business is the only way to get her children back.

She goes to the police station to surrender herself to Khan and tells him that the drugs are still with her.

She offers to be his informant and lead him to the state supplier, whose identity no one knows.

Meanwhile, Sampat sneaks into the hospital to kill Dhurv, but Aru stops him. She finds out that Sampat acted against Aarya’s orders and she tells her siblings that they misjudged her.

The lioness goes on the hunt

Aarya sets up a meeting with Nalini to hand over the drugs and wears a wire for the police. When she gets there, she evokes a confession from Nalini Sahiba about her involvement.

Nalini and Abhimanyu once again plan to betray Aarya, but she has another ace up her sleeve.

She calls Mikhail and puts him on speakerphone for everyone to hear. Mikhail tells Nalini that he and Aarya made a deal after she warned him of Nalini’s betrayal.

Khan and the police having gotten their evidence move in on the exchange but Nalini brings out Aarya’s children as hostages.

A standoff occurs with no one ready to blink. Bullets begin flying and Daulat is shot. Aarya kills Abhimanyu and gets her children back.

When Nalini threatens Aarya with a gun, Daulat kills her and saves his boss yet again. The police arrest Khan and are about to take Aarya away when she gets a call.

Sampat is on the other end and he reminds her what the fate is for informants before shooting her in the heart.

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