6ixtynin9 summary and ending explained

6ixtynin9 is Netflix’s latest Thai dark comedy series that follows Toom, a recently fired employee of an assurance company who receives a package that was not meant for her — a switchup caused by the faulty room number sign hanging on her apartment door.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Toom is among the randomly laid-off employees at her insurance company. Her will to live is scant when an unassuming package left on her doorstep shocks her.

The package was sent by Kanchit, a gangster who runs a Muay Thai camp, to Tong, the CEO of the same company Toom worked for. Since Toom’s room number sign is broken, the ‘6’ turns to ‘9’ which causes the mix-up.

It’s full of cash and after fate seems to want to have her keep that box, her desire also kicks in, and she keeps it. To take the package back, two men later arrive and meet their ends.

A low-level drug dealer is killed by his boss which kicks off an undercover operation to bust the notorious drug lord. Meanwhile, Toom gets on working to hide the dead bodies.

More men are sent to investigate the package-related issue by Kanchit while Toom continues working on covering up her tracks. However, a sudden encounter with a policeman further complicates this deadly mess.

Another one of Tong’s men comes to Toom’s room and leaves with a very wrong hypothesis based on his deduction of the scenario. Meanwhile, Toom’s eager neighbor develops a plan for vengeance against her that’s borne out of a misunderstanding.

Sonny the drug lord calls Tud Titanic the rapper and sets up a meeting. Toom seeks out her friend Fon to help with her scheme but comes upon a shocking scene. Meanwhile, the police get wind of a major drug deal.

Toom makes an ultimate decision regarding her next steps, as all the puzzle pieces engage in a chaotic confrontation in a bloody finale, before 6ixtynin9 rolls the credits.

6ixtynin9 ending explained in detail:

What does the box have?

Kanchit runs a Muay Thai camp and also a fake passport and visa business. Moreover, he’s a gangster who also indulges in max fixing and the money he sends to Tong is for the fixed boxing match that his player intentionally loses.

Tong is the CEO of the insurance company that the protagonist Toom works for. He’s also involved in shady stuff such as the aforementioned fixing and betting. He asks Kanchit to drop the money as per the steps he curated.

The procedure is to take the box full of moment and take it to the Supattra condo in Ladprao and drop it on the doorstep of room number 9. Kanchit’s men do as told, but the parcel never reaches the right party.

It’s because on the same floor is room number 6, which has a faulty room number plate, such that a little shake can drop it off its right orientation and invert 90 degrees, making it look like the room number is 9 instead of 6.

This is what causes the mix-up when Kanchit’s men drop the parcel, full of a million Baht at her doorstep. Thus begins the darkly comedic affairs of 6ixtynin9.

What happens to Sompan & John?

In episode 1 of 6ixtynin9, Bun and Noi smell something fishy about Toom and force their way into her apartment, beating her up before beginning to search her place for the box. As Noi finds it, Toom kills him by bashing his head with a vase.

Bun starts choking her to death but she kills him as well, with a knife plunged into his stomach. She then stuffs Noi inside a box and Bun inside her cupboard. Tong’s henchman Sompan arrives to investigate her place.

He hides inside the cupboard as Toom returns from a trip to buy more boxes to hide the bodies in. Meanwhile, John, the policeman boyfriend of Toom’s neighbor Jim arrives and asks for Toom’s cooperation in arresting Tud Titanic the rapper in a case of drugs.

However, he smells suspicion and quickly spots Noi’s dead body. He goes to find more evidence inside the closet and Sompan guns him down, as well as eats bullets himself.

In a surreal turn of events in the narrative of 6ixtynin9, both die and reach purgatory, where the person in charge of seeing the souls to the next stage is an elderly woman sitting in front of a computer inside a surreal white void.

John doesn’t want to die as he believes he is just about to get a promotion and become famous. His desperation leads him to attack the elderly woman and bind her, as he departs back to life.

Meanwhile, Sompan helps the woman, who, happy that he did, grants him a wish. He asks to live until Thailand’s football team qualifies for the World Cup.

Both of their dead bodies are stuffed inside boxes but since they spring back to life, they break out of their containments.

John’s girlfriend Jim had been spying on Toom earlier with her friends and mistook her cleaning the floor around John’s dead body as an act of fellatio, thinking that John had been cheating on her with Toom.

She and her girlfriends make a revenge plan in which she cuts off John’s penis when he returns. He does, and she does cut off his penis, causing him to bleed to death before he could ever do anything about Tud Titanic’s drug bust and gain fame.

He goes back to purgatory and before he’s deleted by the old lady, she has her revenge by zapping him with lightning a couple of times. Sompan returns to life and jumps back into business as usual, eating more bullets for his boss Tong, but survives again.

In the epilogue of 6ixtynin9, it’s revealed that he dies of old age a day after the Thailand football team qualifies for the World Cup, in the year 2857.

How does Fon die?

Fon loves Kee, her latest partner who she’s madly in love with and considers her soul mate. However, Kee is not remotely as interested in this romance and soon skedaddles out of the relationship sneakily.

Fon later finds that Kee has left and also a number of some other women scribbled on a box of matches kept inside Lee’s clothes. She can’t bear the pain of this and commits suicide by overdosing on medicinal drugs.

However, Toom, who drops by her house for a favor, sees her and takes her to a hospital where Fon is eventually saved. Her soul is even shown to have gone to purgatory where the elderly woman informs her that it’s not her time yet.

After surviving that, Fon accompanies Toom to the pond where she dumps all the dead bodies. Then she goes to collect her fake passport at Kanchit’s place where his henchman Wiroj, as ordered, forces her at gunpoint to go with him to meet his boss.

Fon arrives and Wiroj, overtaken by the stimuli, shoots her down. She dies and this time, it is her time to die, and in the purgatory, she is eventually deleted out of existence by the elderly lady.

What does Toom do with the money?

Toom takes the money for herself at the beginning of 6ixtynin9, after she has a change of heart about it. She initially rewraps the box and drops it outside her door, wishing it’ll disappear just as it had appeared.

However, that doesn’t end up happening and after two other tenants end up handing her the box, she takes it inside and pours the money into a plastic bag, after taking one of the bundles and sending it to her family, writing to them that it’s money from her new job abroad.

Those who wanted the money to reach elsewhere soon arrived and beat up Toom to get it back from her. She holds her own too well and through a bloody nose and strangulated throat, she manages to kill two of Kanchit’s men.

Two other men happen to enter this vicinity and die soon after they engage in a gunfight. Later on, the Kanchit sends two more men who dig into Toom, and conclude that she’s working for Tong who wants Kanchit to give him more money.

Meanwhile, another one of Tong’s henchmen arrives in Toom’s absence and forms a hypothesis, this one wrong as well, of his own. His conclusions hint at Kanchit being the deceitful end of the deal. The two men finally meet.

Meanwhile, Toom tries to depart for Finland, with the fake passport she unknowingly went to Kanchit for. While collecting it, she’s apprehended by one of his men who takes her to him. On the way, though, a scuffle leads to the man’s death.

At her apartment, Kanchit and his men face off against Tong and his men. A ringing telephone takes the tense men by surprise and an inadvertent shootout leaves them all dead, except for Tong’s henchman Sompan.

Toom returns to her apartment and witnesses the mess, along with the dead bodies at Tud Titanic’s house which was the result of his and Sonny’s drug deal that turned into Sonny killing Tud and scaring others.

The police soon arrive to bust the drug lord. A standoff ensues and it also concludes similarly to the one at Toom’s apartment. Toom, meanwhile, packs her stuff and heads off to the Suvarnabhumi Aiport.

However, the police are looking for her in connection with the shootouts at her condominium. She sees the police and turns back, staying at a resort where she thinks back on her childhood days.

At the beginning of 6ixtynin9, she is running away from her stagnant life, entertaining suicidal thoughts. When money rains down abruptly, she sees a way of running away from her troubles by going abroad and starting afresh.

She finally has clarity and puts all the money into a bag and dumps it into a pond, even ditching her car nearby and taking a break from all this running away from life which left her with this bloody mess that also deprives her of her friend Fon.

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