Killer Soup review: Engaging drama is devoid of humor

In Killer Soup, a woman’s affair with her husband’s doppelganger takes her on a path of murders and lies. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Swathi dreams of having a restaurant of her own. She has been asking one from her husband, Prabhu, Prabhakar Shetty, the owner of Last Resort Constructions.

Swathi knows that she is not a great cook, but that doesn’t stop her from chasing her dream. However, Prabhu may never fulfill this dream of hers.

When Prabhu is not there for her, she finds comfort in being with Umesh Pillai, her husband’s masseur.

Umesh bears a striking resemblance to Prabhu. It’s his squinted eye that makes the big difference.

Swathi’s affair takes her on a dangerous path, full of deaths, blackmail, and money, but her determination and sometimes luck help her navigate a way out of the trouble.


Konkona Sen Sharma, as Swathi, takes the lead for the most part, playing the character of a mastermind who takes steps carefully and ensures her well-being.

Konkona Sen Sharma dives deep into playing her character. It’s quite hard to feel anything about Swathi. One thing is for sure: Sharma keeps viewers wondering what Swathi’s next move will be.

Manoj Bajpayee effectively transitions from an ill-mannered Prabhu to a loving Umesh.

Bajpayee never loses the suspicious aura that Umesh carries, but he does play second fiddle to Konkona Sen Sharma’s character, having less role in the plan that the lead characters execute.

Sayaji Shinde, as Arvind, plays a kind of character he is already known for playing. Despite that, he makes Arvind memorable, thanks to the energy and boldness that are in his delivery of dialogues.


The viewers will have to take time to get comfortable with the environment of Mainjur and the drama that is taking place.

Once viewers understand what they are in for, they will start finding Killer Soup quirky and colorful.

The blue-ish tint that the show uses is quite eye-catching and fits the weather and location of the show. The cinematography makes Mainjur a city one should visit.

Killer Soup runs at an articulate pace, with the creators making sure that a viewer won’t yawn at any moment.

Every twist and turn is welcomed at the right moment, and the filler scenes are used to their best to help the viewers get more familiar with the characters.


At first glance, Killer Soup looks like a very strange series that seems to have a quirky plot but won’t be potentially good, considering how the story builds in the beginning.

The show hits the right notes with its crime drama but misses a lot on the humor side of things. Hence, it’s not humorous despite being seen as a crime comedy.


Killer Soup is a great light-hearted crime drama, but the humor that it intends to deliver lacks the right punch.

While the mystery element is not part of the series, Killer Soup relies heavily on the cast’s performance and the story their characters tell, and the cast delivers.

Overall, it is an engaging watch, but far from being a memorable crime comedy.

Killer Soup
Killer Soup review: Engaging drama is devoid of humor 1

Director: Abhishek Chaubey

Date Created: 2024-01-11 13:30

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