Good Grief (2024) review: Stirring film exploring love and loss

Good Grief (2023) is a drama film following Marcus’s journey through life following the death of his husband. The film is streaming on Netflix.


Marcus and Oliver have been happily married for 15 years, but when Oliver dies in a car accident, Marcus has to overcome this sudden change in his life.

To support him are Thomas and Sophie, his best friends who have issues of their own that they are avoiding.

The trio learns to accept the emotions they are feeling as Marcus learns more about Oliver and how to deal with the grief that he’s been ignoring for most of his life.


Daniel Levy wears many hats in the film, but his performance as Marcus does not suffer one bit. He is a talented artist and the emotion he brings to the role is wonderful.

Ruth Negga brings great energy to the screen as Sophie. She plays the role of that one friend that everyone has, and she does with with brilliant accuracy.

Himesh Patel rounds out the trio of performers appropriately. He comes across as genuine and caring when he isn’t focusing on his failings.


The script is masterfully written as Levy approaches the concept of grief with great subtlety and understanding.

The conversations between the cast play out authentically and are relatable to audiences.

The locations in Paris and London are a stunning sight. The aesthetic is a bit rich but it can still be appreciated for its beauty.


There are moments where the film can drag a little, giving a few minutes too many to a conversation that overstays its welcome.

The comedic moments in the film are mostly warranted, but there are a few that feel out of place given the overarching tone.


Good Grief (2024) is a profound film with valuable insight into emotions and situations that almost everyone faces in their life. Daniel Levy deserves his flowers for the work he has put into this strong offering.

Good Grief
Good Grief (2024) review: Stirring film exploring love and loss 1

Director: Daniel Levy

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