Spy x Family season 2 episode 10 recap & review

In Spy x Family season 2 episode 10, the Forger family enjoys their time at the resort island and brings souvenirs for their friends and family back home. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


The ship reaches its destination. Loid is glad that the State Security Service is still on guard and looking for the bomber. At the same time, Loid can feel their eyes roving about, and it’s unnerving for him.

Anya reminds Loid that he is on vacation and gets him to have fun. Anya and Loid reunite with Yor. Loid notices that Yor’s face is a little swollen. Yor quickly lies about their client getting into a fight with his wife. She says she got hurt when she came between them.

The Forgers explore the resort island. While Anya is having fun like a kid, Yor struggles with various activities. Loid, on the other hand, excels at whatever activity comes his way.

Yor tries to avoid snorkeling, as it will require her to wear a swimsuit. She doesn’t want her family to see the wound on her chest. However, the swimsuit she is going to wear covers most of her body. Hence, she sees no problem in trying the activity.

After a tiring day, both Yor and Anya pass out. It’s Loid who has to carry them to the ship. The family returns home with souvenirs for everyone.

The Handler informs Loid about the number of passengers that are missing from the ship. All of these passengers were on board with fake IDs. The State Security Service will cover up this incident. WISE will have to look out for extremist groups in Ostania and protect Operation Strix.

The next day, the Forgers meet more of their friends. Yor’s colleagues are particularly not enthusiastic about the skeleton keychain she has brought for them.

Meanwhile, at school, Anya is planning to brag about the cruise trip and make Damian go crazy about it. She believes Damian will invite her and her family to his house after learning about this.

Unfortunately, the joke is on Anya. Going on that cruise ship is no big deal for the students of Eden Academy. Despite all of that, Anya makes up more lies and blends them with the truth about the attackers on board.

Nobody takes Anya seriously. No one has heard about any attackers on the ship. Everyone just laughs at her. Back home, she tells her family about what happened at school.

Though everyone preaches how lying is a bad habit, everyone there—Loid, Yor, and Yuri—is lying and keeping a secret of their own. Anya concludes that being a liar is complicated, so she will never lie again.


  • Spy x Family, like always, delivers a breather after an action-packed arc. However, it’s not a quick watch. A lot is happening in this episode. For the most part, it’s heartwarming and hilarious.
  • It’s amusing to see how each member of the Forger family performs an activity that regular people on vacation do. Although the viewers will not be seeing anything new, the Forgers still manage to make them laugh.
  • The show portrays Anya as a smart kid who hasn’t forgotten her mission. Though she is a kid, she is quite into helping her parents on their missions. Also, the irony in the end will get viewers rolling on the floor. Loid, especially, gives a good start to his, Yor, and Yuri’s lies by breaking down how to lie, only to preach why one shouldn’t.
Spy x Family season 2 episode 10
Spy x Family season 2 episode 10 recap & review 1

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