Best moments from Stranger Things (season 1 – 3)

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Netflix gave us a quick look at what’s to come in season four of the hugely popular web series Stranger Things when it released a small teaser.  

While you wait, here’s a look at some of the best moments from the web series so far:

Caution! Spoilers Ahead!

  1. Eleven’s entrance
Eleven in Stranger Things
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In one of the most intriguing character introductions in TV history, Eleven, a pre-teen girl with a shaved head and wearing nothing but a hospital gown emerges from the woods. She sneaks into Benny’s diner. Benny provides her with some food, clothes, and a call to social security.

Eleven is visibly irritated by the sound a fan in the corner of the room is making so she decides to turn it off, with her mind. That’s when I knew I was about to binge the whole series in one night.

2. Christmas light communication

Joyce in Stranger Things
Screenshot from Netflix

People thought Joyce was crazy, but she was anything but. Determined mom Joyce Byers refused to give up after the disappearance of her son Will. Joyce was convinced that Will was trying to communicate with her from the Upside-Down.

After sizzling through two landline phones, Joyce had a lightbulb moment and decided to use Christmas lights as a medium to communicate. Joyce’s joy at seeing that her method working was palpable and led to one of the most unforgettable moments of the series. 

3. The reunification of Mike and El

Mike and Eleven from Stranger Things
Screenshot from Netflix

Poor Mike, he was yearning for a sign from El for the entirety of season two. Being a teen is hard enough but not knowing if your crush is alive and well is even more devastating.

Mike wasn’t the only one in misery though, El was pretty much placed under house arrest by Hopper and could hear Mike’s calls over the radio but was powerless to do anything about it.

El and Mike both had a conflict with loved ones during this period, which made it all sadder. Their short but sweet reunion is incredibly powerful. 

4. Barb is taken

Best moments from Stranger Things (season 1 - 3) 1
Screenshot from Netflix

Oh, Barb, one of the most underrated and underused characters of the web series. Barb was a good friend of Nancy’s, she was dependable, and was a solid wing-woman to Nancy when she went to Steve’s Party. While Nancy and Steve are getting their freak on in Steve’s room, Barb is chilling by the pool taking some time to herself.

All of a sudden she’s snatched by a Demogorgon and taken to the Upside-Down. An absolute shocker of a scene because deep down, we knew Barb wasn’t coming back. 

5. The first goodbye

Best moments from Stranger Things (season 1 - 3) 2
Screenshot from Netflix

While everything is going berserk in the last episode of season one. Eleven takes a brief moment to turn to Mike and say “goodbye, Mike” whilst still strangling the Demogorgon up against a wall. Mike looks distraught as Eleven selflessly sacrifices herself to the monster.

6. Nancy Wheeler or Nancy Drew?

Best moments from Stranger Things (season 1 - 3) 3
Screenshot from Netflix

Season three is Nancy’s time to shine. Nancy is working at the local newspaper where she’s dealing with gender discrimination and workplace harassment from her older male colleagues. None of them are taking her seriously. She defies her boss’s orders and investigates diseased rats abundant in Hawkins, only to find out they’re connected to the Upside-Down. 

7. Bob’s sacrifice

Best moments from Stranger Things (season 1 - 3) 4
Screenshot from Netflix

We started to fall in love with the kind-hearted Bob the same way Joyce did. Bob was one of the standout characters from season two and the perfect love interest for Joyce. Even in his last moments, Bob was thinking about Joyce and Will before himself. Bob heroically managed to restore power to the Hawkins lab where Joyce, Will, Mike, and he were trapped.

We see a brief moment of happiness between Joyce and Bob as they smile at each other thinking they’re safe when out of nowhere vicious Demodogs attack Bob. Joyce’s heart-wrenching scream says it all. 

8. Robin comes out of the closet to Steve 

Best moments from Stranger Things (season 1 - 3) 5
Screenshot from Netflix

Robin and Steve have an interesting and rather turbulent relationship. They go from enemies to frenemies, to potential love interests, but settle for good friends. Their best friend moment occurred in a dingy bathroom when Steve was confused by something Robin said.

Robin confessed that she was jealous of Steve because another girl named Tammy had a crush on him. Steve’s supportive reaction to Robin’s coming out is one of the more heartwarming scenes in the series. 

9. Steve’s dating tips for Dustin

Best moments from Stranger Things (season 1 - 3) 6
Screenshot from Netflix

Steve and Dustin’s bromance is one of the best elements of the entire series. The unlikely pairing falls into a brotherly relationship with Dustin looking up to Steve. Dustin wants to know how Steve gets all the pretty girls, Steve’s tips include not caring too much about what someone thinks and of course, your hairstyle is everything. 

10. Hopper adopts El

Best moments from Stranger Things (season 1 - 3) 7
Screenshot from Netflix

Hopper’s backstory is truly heartbreaking as he loses his daughter. Hopper is seen as a protective father figure from the start, like El we get irritated at how controlling he is but we also know he’d do anything to protect El. Hopper goes through the lengths of breaking the law (ironic because he’s a police officer) by forging El’s birth certificate naming her as his official daughter. They don’t need to hide their relationship anymore, this gives room for their sweet and loving relationship to grow.

This list could honestly go on and on but we’re going to stop at ten for now. We’re just as excited about the new season as you are. In the meantime, you can rewatch seasons one through three for preparation.

What are some of your favourite Stranger Things moments?

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