Música summary and ending explained

In Música, Rudy, an artist who is often lost in his music, grapples with the challenges of reconciling his future amidst the pressures of love, family, and his cultural background. The movie is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Rudy and his girlfriend, Haley, argue at a restaurant. They have been in a relationship for the past four years yet Haley feels like she is always fighting for Rudy’s attention.

Rudy, on the other hand, is forever lost in music and is not able to deliver what Haley asks for, which includes getting a stable job and planning a future with Haley.

When Haley notices that Rudy is lost again, she decides to end things with him. Following his breakup, Rudy gets back to work.

Apart from being a college student who is about to graduate, Rudy is into puppetry and adding music to it. He spends time performing at subway stations.

Rudy hopes that his passion will get him to the top someday. Neither Haley nor his mother are fans of his passion.

However, Rudy’s mother is happy that Haley is out of the picture. She never liked her, as Haley is rich and not Brazilian. Now, she seeks to introduce Rudy to some beautiful girls she knows.

During a visit to the fish market, Rudy sees Isabella and is instantly mesmerized by her. He is injured when he is hit by a codfish that is being passed around.

Rudy is compensated with a gift that has a message with a smiley face from Isabella. Rudy revisits the market, hoping to start a conversation with her.

Rudy gets to walk with her and get to know her. Isabella is unlike Haley. While Haley wanted to grow up and move out of the city, Isabella finds beauty in the city they are in, regardless of the violence that exists here.

More importantly, Isabella understands Rudy and why he gets lost in music; she can feel him. At a time when Rudy is falling for Isabella, Haley enters Rudy’s life again.

It seems like Haley wants to get back together, putting Rudy in a difficult situation. Haley and Rudy have been together forever, and letting her go is hard. At the same time, Isabella is more understanding.

Ending explained:

The chaos

Rudy keeps juggling between his dates with Isabella and Haley while keeping his mother, his best friend, happy.

Eventually, Rudy realizes that it’s time to make a decision. Haley keeps forcing Rudy into moving ahead in life, even though he is not ready.

Intending to end things with Haley, Rudy meets her at a restaurant, where he crosses paths with Isabella too.

He keeps jumping between the two until his mother arrives. Haley and Isabella come face-to-face with each other.

Rudy is caught between them. He attempts to explain that he came to meet Haley to end things. Unfortunately, he ends up losing both Haley and Isabella.

Winning Isabella back

A little encouragement from his mother sees Rudy going to the fish market to apologize to Isabella. He shows what he feels when she is around through his music, but Isabella stops him midway.

All Isabella wants is somebody who respects her enough to be honest with her. Isabella explains to Rudy that he didn’t consider her feelings at all.

Rudy is here only because he faced what it feels like to lose her. Isabella appreciates that he is trying, but she says it’s not going to work between them.

Rudy doesn’t even know what he wants from life, and right now, he is trying to fix something he is not even ready for.

Rudy’s fate

After losing Isabella, Rudy falls into a dull routine until he gets the idea of making something out of his art.

Making use of his puppets, he portrays his life, performing in public places. Eventually, Rudy becomes successful and starts getting shows in auditoriums.

One day, he receives dinner packed in a box that has a smiley on it, much like how Isabella drew a smiley on Rudy’s gift when they first met.

The parcel also has a message that reads, “You took it higher”. It is suggested that this is Isabella’s way of congratulating Rudy.

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