Love Tactics 2 summary and ending explained

Love Tactics 2 is a Turkish romantic-comedy film that follows Asli and Terem, a couple who find themselves at odds with the concept of marriage. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Asli and Terem’s friends Tuna and Cancu are set to get married. However, the two of them just cannot stand the idea of marriage itself.

They seem to be a perfect match for each other, but Asli is actually left shocked when she realises that Terem also doesn’t want to get married.

This stirs up her desire to get married, as she cannot understand why Terem wouldn’t want to marry her. She starts plotting ways to convince him.

Meanwhile, Kerem’s friends are sure that Asli would eventually want to get married and warn him. He begins plotting ways to show her that marriages don’t work.

Kerem calls Asli to his house and he and his friends make unreasonable demands from her but she is insistent on proving she can be a great wife.

Next up, she babysits her friend Ezgi’s sister’s newborn baby to show how she can be a great mother. But both of them end up having a hard time with it.

When nothing works, Asli decides to introduce him to her parents as she believes they are so much in love even after marriage that it will change his perception.

But this plan fails too as they have now grown apart. Her father acts like a rebellious teenager while her mother needs alcohol to even tolerate him.

Things finally begin to change when Asli and her friends’ childhood mate Bulut comes to visit. He is an attractive and rich man who immediately gets the attention of women.

Kerem realises that Bulut was actually in love with Asli when they were in high school. When she didn’t feel the same way, he dated Feride, who is now the wife of Kerem’s friend Emir.

He starts to get jealous. Kerem and his friends decide to crash a vacation on a private island owned by Bulut with only him and the girls.

Love Tactics 2 ending explained in detail:

Do Kerem and Asli find out about each other’s plans?

Kerem and his friends act as though they were already nearby for Tuna’s bachelor party, and just decided to surprise them.

Kerem and Asli are shocked when Tuna and Cansu reveal their plans to them. But they claim that they did not expose their friends.

As a surprise, Kerem takes Asli on a plane, but the pilot turns out to be a rookie. To cope, Asli takes pills and even gives some to the pilot.

Does Kerem decide to get married?

Mid-flight, the three witness a storm approaching and the pilot faints. Kerem takes control of the plane but has no prior experience.

Believing that they are about to die, Kerem confesses that he wishes that they could have gotten married. The two also realise that their plans were exposed by their friends.

While Kerem somehow manages to fly the plane, they do know how they are going to land. Luckily, the pilot wakes up just in time and they are saved.

Back on land, Kerem tells his friends that all he cared about during the incident is whether Asli would survive because he could not imagine a life without her.

He decides to get married to her. However, Bulut offers her a job opportunity in Dubai at the same time which she decides to accept.

Does Asli accept his proposal?

Kerem proposes to Asli but she says no. She thinks that this is all part of his plan to keep her around and miss the job opportunity.

But Kerem reassures and tells her just how much he loves her. She finally accepts and the two get married.

Asli tells the viewers that she did, in fact, go to Dubai for the job. Their marriage wasn’t restrictive. She also reveals that Tuna and Cansu got married just weeks before them and are very happy.

Emir and Feride are going to have a baby and even Ezgi found a guy. They all had their own versions of happy endings.

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