Holy Family season 2 summary and ending explained

Holy Family season 2 sees Gloria continue to do whatever it takes to keep her family safe and their identities hidden. The series is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Gloria and her family rush back home to take care of Aitana’s wound and put Natalia in Abel’s room until they figure out what to do. Their plans of escape are thrown up in the air after the accident.

Caterina somehow survives and is taken to a hospital where she remains in a coma, while German is taken to a different hospital where he also remains in a coma.

Pedro is focused on Ana but Alicia doesn’t want to hold on to her for too long and keeps asking how German is and whether he or Caterina might have some other family who could take care of the baby.

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Fernando visits German and Caterina and has Caterina shifted to a private room so that people believe that she is dead. Gloria calls Fernando and tells him she’ll hand over Natalia if he promises to leave her family alone.

Fernando hires Chino, Caterina’s old associate, to watch Gloria’s house. Abel checks in on German and sees his partner, Manu. Marcos’s brother Felipe is in town and he reaches out to Aitana.

He says that his family has employed an investigator to find out who killed Marco. Blanca and her husband argue at night and Lorenzo gets stressed out hearing them.

He wanders out of the house and Gloria runs into him while driving out to see Fernando. She is later seen watching as Lorenzo drowns in the lake. Blanca is thrown into great despair after finding out that her son has passed away, and the whole community is shaken.

Pedro goes to Caterina’s place to search for anything that could point to another family. Instead, he finds their research into Gloria and hides when Gloria arrives to clear up the evidence.

Pedro also learns that Ana’s mother is Claudia, and he follows her to her junkie hangout. Abel befriends Manu and grows to care for him. Aitana sees a lot of Marcos in Felipe and starts spending more time with him after finding out that she’s pregnant with Marcos’s child.

The police investigate Lorenzo’s death, and while Gloria insists that she had nothing to do with it, she is worried since she picked him up outside the school that night.

She does her best to cover her tracks with Abel’s help. Natalia returns to Fernando but she doesn’t want to go back to Argentina without Nico and during a scuffle, she pushes her father off the roof of their hotel.

She enlists Chino’s help to get Nico back. Caterina wakes up and stalks Pedro and Gloria. Abel sleeps with Manu but when German wakes up, Manu finds out about him and Abel.

Pedro asks Gloria for help taking care of Claudia and she asks him to get rid of her van in exchange. The investigator placed the van at Marcos’s death and Aitana is convinced that Gloria killed him.

She also has to avoid Felipe for this reason. Manu leaves Germán, and he goes back to see Abel. Chino and Natalia kidnap Abel and German and make a deal with Caterina to get Nico in exchange for Abel.

Caterina asks Chino to kill Germán as an added part of the deal. Gloria frames a school janitor for the death of Lorenzo but Blanca is confused because there was no reason behind the killing discovered.

Gloria also kills Claudia, but Pedro is unable to get rid of the van and the police find it. Felipe sees Marcos’s jacket inside, which he had given to Aitana.

Holy Family season 2 ending explained in detail:

How did Lorenzo die?

Blanca is overcome with guilt and she goes to the police to get something off her chest. Flashbacks of the night show that Lorenzo’s father was in his car when the boy first left the house.

Gloria found him and dropped him back at home, but he didn’t go back inside. He wandered back out, and Blanca followed him out after taking far too many anxiety pills.

She followed him to the lake and watched as he fell into the lake, but was frozen with fear and didn’t try to save him. She tells the police that Gloria and the guard are probably lying for some reason, but she is at fault for Lorenzo’s death.

What happens to Caterina and Ana?

Natalia is at the airport with Nico getting ready to leave the country. She sends Chino on his way but when Gloria shows up at the airport, she calls him back.

Pedro shows up to take Nico from Natalia, and Chino and Caterina show up. Chino goes after Pedro who runs back into the airport, and Caterina lets Gloria drive away with Natalia.

Chino finds Pedro in the restrooms, but Caterina attacks him from behind and kills him. She tells Pedro that Gloria killed Claudia, but he is the best person to take care of Ana.

She warns him that she will be keeping an eye on him so he better not screw up.

What happens to Gloria and her family?

Pedro hands Nico to Aitana and rushes back home where Alicia is taking care of Ana. Aitana, Abel, and Nico get their tickets just before the police and Felipe rush to the airport and circulate Aitana’s picture all over.

The children manage to escape with no sign of Gloria. Gloria drives Natalia out to a cliff near the ocean and she says that she is done putting them in more trouble and wants to make one final act of sacrifice to protect them.

She drives off the cliff with Natalia and herself in the car, so that her children can live new lives without their mother who seems to loved them to a fault.

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