Court Lady Dong: Captivating the King character explained

After helping Yi In ascend to the throne, Court Lady Dong, played by Park Ye-young, becomes part of Yi In’s inner circle.

As Yi In’s brother, the King, chooses Court Lady Dong to serve as his senior court lady, she has to be around him all the time.

Many believe that Court Lady Dong was sent by the Queen Dowager to harm the King, when in truth, he forced her to serve him to make his resentment for the Queen Dowager known.

Subjected to mistreatment and abuse by the King, Court Lady Dong lives in constant fear of him. Even years after his death, the memories of that time haunt her.

Gaining Yi In’s favor

While Court Lady Dong despises the King, she likes Yi In, who is much kinder than his brother. 

She aids Park Jong-hwan in his efforts to make Yi In the King by spying on the King and poisoning him. 

At the time of the King’s death, Court Lady Dong and Yi In are the only ones present to receive his last words.

As she knows that the King was poisoned and that he wished for his son to be his successor, Yi In cannot become the King without her help.

Yi In requests her to help him, and despite the uncertainty of Yi In’s ascension to the throne, she agrees to commit perjury and risk her life for him.

Captivating the King Dong
Yi In asks for Court Lady Dong’s help

Court Lady Dong’s testimony plays a crucial role in convincing court officials of Yi In’s legitimacy as the successor to the throne.

Once Yi In becomes the King, he favors Court Lady Dong more than any other woman. She has some sway over him, and he never denies any of her requests.

Due to this, she is blamed for Yi In not siring an heir. His relationship with her is considered scandalous because of her previous intimacy with his older brother.

Losing it all 

Despite her closeness to Yi In, Court Lady Dong fails to get him to fall in love with her. When people start questioning Yi In’s sexuality, she decides to take advantage of the situation.

She takes the Queen Dowager’s help in getting Yi In to sleep with her. However, she fails, and everyone comes to know the true nature of their relationship.

Court Lady Dong’s influence is threatened when it becomes clear that Yi In is not interested in her. Additionally, she feels threatened by Mongwoo.

To appease a humiliated Court Lady Dong, Yi In gives her a private quarter and even offers to make her a concubine.

With Yi In’s support, Court Lady Dong grows bolder. She refuses to let anyone use her, including the Queen Dowager, without giving her something in return.

However, at the peak of her power, she learns that Yi In suspects she knows who poisoned his brother. 

Yi In’s mention of the past leaves Court Lady Dong scared, aware that she might lose everything she has gained since the King’s death.

As Yi In starts investigating his brother’s death and the spy incident, Park Jong-hwan orders Court Lady Dong to assassinate Yi In.

However, Court Lady Dong cannot bring herself to kill the man she loves, nor does she want to reveal that she lied about the King’s last words for Yi In’s sake.

In order to protect Yi In and his secret, she takes her own life. After not having her feelings reciprocated by Yi In, she dies in his arms.

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