Adhura summary and ending explained

Adhura follows Adhiraj, who returns to his high school years after graduating and discovers the truth about a past crime that is still haunting the school. The show is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Nilgiri Valley School in Ooty is a prestigious boarding school. One day, in 2022, the dean of the school, Dean Vyas, is found dead in his quarters by a teacher, Chandra Prakash. It is believed that he died of a heart attack, even though his body was contorted.

Meanwhile, a 10-year-old Vedant is bullied by other boys at school. He is not happy there and the new dean, Dean KC Swamy, talks to his parents about it, but they still refuse to take their son with them.

This year, there will be a reunion of the 2007 batch, which mostly consists of VVIPs. Adhiraj, the star student of that batch, is now a teacher in the US and is on anxiety medication. He will be returning to the school for the reunion.

Back in school, Adhiraj dated Malvika, the only girl in the all-boys school. His best friend was Ninad, but Adhiraj has not spoken to him in the past 15 years, as they had a fight on the last day of school. Adhiraj hopes to apologize to Ninad and be friends with him once again.

At the same time, when some bullies lock Vedant in a locker, he is helped by an unknown entity. Later, Vedant is led outside by the same entity. This entity kills a dog and its puppies to protect Vedant and then takes possession of his body. 

Since Vedant is found outside Dean Vyas’s quarters, covered in the puppies’ blood, everyone believes that he is the one who killed them. The school’s counselor, Supriya Ghosh, is the only one who gives him the benefit of the doubt and tries to get him to open up to her.

The batch of 2007, referred to as the “Old Boys”, comes to the school. Malvika is now married to Dev Pratap Jamwal, who has been in love with her since their school days. Dev comes from an influential family and is one of the school’s trustees. 

When Vedant sees Adhiraj, he goes to speak to him and passes out after calling him by the name that Ninad had given him. Adhiraj later visits him and tells him the story of the Shadow Boy, which was the story of Ninad’s graphic novel. 

Ninad does not come to the reunion, and Vedant keeps acting strange. One of the boys who bullied Vedant starts to believe that someone else lives inside Vedant after a frightening encounter. Due to Vedant’s strange behavior, Dean Swamy decides to keep him in the infirmary. 

Meanwhile, Adhiraj, who is only there for Ninad, keeps hearing things and even finds Ninad’s graphic novel in his room. He is forced to dismiss everything as a sign of his anxiety.

Adhiraj lost his parents in a car accident when he was 10. He lost Ninad, who was very important to him, on the last day of school, and he recently lost his grandfather. He gets along with Supriya, who wants to protect Vedant because she lost her son’s custody to her husband.

Adhiraj takes Supriya’s help to look for Ninad’s file in the hope of finding a way to contact him, as Ninad’s father’s cafe has also been sold. In his file, Adhiraj finds a leave application written by Ninad on the last day of school as well as his grandfather’s address.

When Adhiraj goes to that address, he meets Ninad’s parents, who tell him that Ninad has been missing for 15 years. The school authorities told them that when Ninad submitted the leave application, Dean Vyas, who was Coach Vyas back then, put him on the bus to Kotagiri.

Coach Vyas lied that he had spoken to Ninad’s parents, and soon after, he was made the dean overnight. The school pressured the police, and the case was closed. Ninad’s parents tried their best to find him, but they failed. Adhiraj never found out about this because he left to study in the US after school got over.

Adhiraj fought with Ninad on the last day of school because Ninad was in love with Adhiraj. When he realized that he might never see Adhiraj again, he tried to kiss him. 

This made Adhiraj angry, and he ended up using a slur that the other boys used when they bullied Ninad. A heartbroken Ninad left Adhiraj without saying goodbye.

During the inauguration of Dean Vyas’s statue, Suyash, one of Ninad’s former bullies and Dev’s friend, is killed. The death looks like a suicide, but the police still request the Old Boys to not leave the school for a while. When Adhiraj sees Suyash’s body, he sees the chits that Suyash once threw at Ninad in his pocket.

Vedant starts talking to Supriya about this other person who will not let anyone hurt him. He also goes to Adhiraj and tells him that he is fighting back, something that Adhiraj used to tell Ninad. Several people experience strange things in the school and think that Vedant is responsible for them, so Supriya takes him to her house.

Officer Bedi takes charge of Suyash’s case and prevents any of the Old Boys from leaving before the case is solved. He is not deterred even by Dev’s threats. Meanwhile, Adhiraj continues looking for answers regarding Ninad’s disappearance.

Soon, Rajat, another one of Ninad’s bullies and Dev’s friends, is killed. Adhiraj witnesses him beg for forgiveness before his death. Rajat’s death leads the police to a body buried in the forest behind Dean Vyas’s quarters, where a new wing is now being constructed.

Adhiraj takes one look at the remains and knows that they are Ninad’s. He mourns Ninad’s death and understands that Ninad is the one living in Vedant’s body. Chandra Prakash also reaches the same conclusion.

He tells Adhiraj that Dean Vyas took Ninad’s name before his death and that he was opposed to the construction of the new wing. The two of them conclude that Dean Vyas knew that Ninad’s body was buried there and went to move the body but ended up waking his spirit, which killed him.

With Chandra Prakash’s help, Adhiraj gets out of the school and finds the final piece of the puzzle. He realizes that Dean Vyas, Dev, Suyash, Rajat, and Devi Prasad, a man who used to work as a peon at the school but is not a caterer, are responsible for Ninad’s murder.

Supriya is still reluctant to believe that Vedant has been possessed and takes him to a neurologist. Vedant kills the doctors and nurses at the hospital and walks out of there right in front of Supriya’s eyes. She can no longer deny the truth.

With Vedant missing, Devi Prakash is attacked. Adhiraj goes to Officer Bedi and tells him everything about Ninad’s death and his spirit haunting the school. The two of them decide to stop Dev from leaving and get him to confess his crime. However, it is Ninad’s spirit that stops Dev.

Adhura ending explained in detail:

What happened on the last day of school?

Since Adhiraj was going to leave for the US soon, Malvika had planned a special date for him. Ninad was supposed to take him there, but Adhiraj never showed up because of his fight with Ninad, leaving Malvika heartbroken. 

After Ninad and Adhiraj’s fight, Ninad decided to go home immediately. He wrote the application, but he never submitted it, as he found the speech that Adhiraj was supposed to give. The speech made Ninad change his mind about leaving.

However, on his way to the assembly, he was cornered by Dev, Suyash, and Rajat. Dev had always liked Malvika, so he wanted to make Ninad pay for making her cry. They beat him up, and after Suyash and Rajat left, Dev delivered the final blow.

When Dev realized that Ninad is dead, he asked for Coach Vyas’s help to get rid of the body. Devi Prasad buried the body in the forest and took the letter that Ninad had written to prove that he ran away from home. 

On the same day, Malvika broke up with Adhiraj when she realized that he will always care about Ninad more than her. She then started dating Dev, who was there for her when Adhiraj was not.

Is Dev punished for his crime?

Adhiraj tries to get Dev to confess his crime, but he does not listen. The two of them exchange blows, and Dev leaves in a car. Devi Prasad comes crying for help, covered in blood, to Officer Bedi and the others and reveals the truth about Ninad’s death. 

Adhiraj stands in the way of Dev’s car to stop him, and it is Ninad’s spirit that saves Adhiraj. The spirit then kills Dev without mercy in front of everyone.

Who killed Ninad?

The next morning, Officer Bedi gives Adhiraj Ninad’s belongings. He discusses with Adhiraj how there are still unanswered questions about Ninad’s death, like how was the body brought to the field from the archive room without anyone noticing.

Furthermore, Ninad’s postmortem reports state that there were injuries on his body indicating that he fell from a height. When Adhiraj finds Malvika’s badge in Ninad’s belongings, he realizes that there is more to his death.

Adhiraj confronts Malvika, who still wants to be with Adhiraj and is not upset about Dev’s death. It turns out that Dev’s blow did not kill Ninad. He got up and went to meet Malvika, who was his friend, at their secret spot.

A jealous Malvika accused him of trying to steal her boyfriend, called him names, and blamed him for everything, including the fact that Adhiraj is leaving for the US. When Ninad pointed out that Malvika is selfish and that Adhiraj might find someone better, she pushed him, and Ninad fell to his death.

She then told Dev everything. She started dating him after he concealed Ninad’s murder. Adhiraj now knows that Malvika wanted him to stop digging up the past not because she was worried about him, but because she was worried about her crimes coming to light.

As Malvika still refuses to take responsibility for Ninad’s death, Ninad’s spirit inside Vedant kills her. Ninad gets justice 15 years after his death.

Does Ninad’s spirit get peace?

Vedant tells Adhiraj that even after killing Malvika, Ninad is still not stopping. Adhiraj begs Ninad to let Vedant go, only to have Ninad tell him that he is the one who needs to let him go.

Adhiraj remembers all his good memories with Ninad and sets him free. His spirit finally leaves Vedant’s body and this world. Ninad’s parents get closure and so does Adhiraj. 

Vedant’s parents come to take him home, and he says goodbye to Supriya and Adhiraj before leaving. Now that everything is over, the staff and the police are seen vacating the school.

What happens to Supriya?

Supriya had lied to Adhiraj when she told him that she lost custody of her son, Abhi, to her husband. The truth is that after her son’s birth, she suffered from postpartum depression and refused to get help.

Supriya was in no state to take care of Abhi, and he died because of her. When her husband discovered their son’s body, he killed himself. Supriya is still struggling with the loss of her son.

When she had taken Vedant to the hospital, she met a woman who told her that she can come to her if she wants to communicate with the dead. Supriya decides to visit this woman, as she wants to speak to Abhi.

The woman calls Abhi’s spirit, but the spirit that arrives is not his. The woman asks Supriya to wake up and not let this spirit get into her. However, Supriya does not wake up, and the spirit possesses her body.

While leaving for the US, Adhiraj gets a call from Supriya, who asks him for help. The lights in the plane start flickering as Adhiraj realizes that something is wrong.

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