Zombies 3 review: A fun supernatural film promoting diversity

Zombies 3 is a sequel to Zombies 2 and the final instalment in the Zombies series. Beginning with the human-zombie love story of Zed and Addison in the first film, the teen-targeted film series has long been praised for its perspective on diversity.


Zed and Addison want to enrol in the same institution so they may continue to be close. Zed is also under pressure to enrol in college since he would be the first monster to accomplish said task.

If he is successful, he will create a standard for all other colleges in the nation, allowing all monsters to find a place for higher education. When aliens arrive in Seabrook, things, however, take a violent turn.

The aliens declare that they are not the enemy as soon as they arrive. They arrive peacefully. However, they decide it’s best to conceal their true motivation when they detect the animosity the people of Seabrook pose.

They improvise and pretend that they are coming to participate in the cheering competition instead of explaining to everyone that they are looking for the object that would provide them with the coordinates to their new home.

They let the aliens participate even though everyone is wary of them. Later, when their actual motives are revealed, Seabrook risks losing its most valuable possession.

The aliens’ only task when they land in Seabrook is to locate the object that can provide them with the location for their future utopian planet. Their scout, who had long before arrived on Earth in search of a new home, had found the utopia and had hidden its coordinates in one thing when he sent the message.

“The most precious object in Seabrook,” she referred to it as. And after a few red herrings, it is made clear that Addison is the most valuable item.

The extraterrestrial scout turned out to be Addison’s grandma. She settled down on Earth after finishing her hunt for the utopia. Her blue hair became white while she was away from home; she passed this trait on to both her daughter and grandchild.

All of Seabrook is now aware, thanks to this new information, that the most precious item the scout was referring to was actually the dearest thing to her, not the town.

Allison chooses to assist the aliens after learning her true identity. Her plans for the future with Zed are severely harmed by this.
However, in the end, the aliens understand that Earth is their utopia. They had been searching for the ideal location for a long time because they preferred harmony and disliked being in conflict.

However, the people of Seabrook welcomed the alien civilization and anything seemed possible in Seabrook.


Zed’s battle is frequently depicted as the battle of an entire neighborhood. He wants to enroll in college first, which is a pointed allegory for racism and classism. It also demonstrated how effectively the idea of community works in the movie by portraying his efforts as the efforts of an entire town.

Milo Manheim has perfectly depicted the character with much brave and enthusiasm. For a character with much responsibility on their shoulders, Milo has played it well.

Meg Donnely hoped a potential third film will address the mysterious nature of the hair she plays, Addison because she wants answers. And she played the character with such elegance and poise and is a performance worth watching.


The music selection was superb, with great songs helping to establish a connection and frequently lifting the mood.

Because of the fantastic turns that occurred along the route, Zombies 3 felt even more entertaining than the first two instalments.

These frequent little plot surprises, including everything from Addison’s identity to the neighbourhood banding together to help the aliens go, kept things really fascinating right up until the very end.


The precisely written script was almost perfect up until Addison’s departure. Only at this point does the movie start to lose some of its charms. Given their respective histories, Addison and Zed’s farewell didn’t seem fitting. But their reunion was more than sufficient.

While the music of the film has improved exponentially, the costumes however seem to be bringing down the hard work of the actors who breathe life into the characters.


Zombies 3 can be a casual watch and can be a good life lesson movie. Stream it to see if you are ready for a treat of musicals and harmony between extraterrestrial beings and humans.

Rating: 2.5/5

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