Young Royals season 2 review:  Authentic portrayal of a modern royal teen drama

Young Royals season 2 follows Prince Wilhelm as he tries to adjust to life at a prestigious boarding school where he is forced to choose between his love and his duty to the throne. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Prince Wilhelm is back at the Hillerska school after a semester break. This time around, he vows to make August’s life a living hell, as he is responsible for leaking a sex tape featuring him and Simon.

At the same time, Wilhelm also wants to rekindle his romance with Simon, but the latter is still hurt by the video leak and isn’t ready to reconcile with the crown prince.

Simon follows the advice of his friends and starts seeing Marcus instead.

Wilhelm is surprised to learn that he will be giving a speech at the school’s anniversary jubilee. When he realizes that Simon is going out with Marcus, he makes an angry phone call to his mother, threatening to renounce all of his royal duties.

August’s jealousy of Wilhelm drives him insane, but things get better for him when he learns that he is a backup plan in case Wilhelm turns his back on his royal responsibilities.

Meanwhile, a fated romance between Sara and August complicates Simon’s life when a harsh truth is revealed at the shooting range.

At the school’s anniversary jubilee, Wilhelm musters up the courage to make a confession about the sex tape, shocking the entire school and the royal family.


The chemistry between the two main characters is exceptional from the start. Wilhelm is played by Edvin Ryding, who adopts a more formal demeanor.

He portrays the frustration of being torn between the responsibilities of his social position and the desperation to be just a guy in love with the utmost perfection.

Omar Rudberg as Simon conveys so many emotions through his eyes. The scene at the masquerade party where he looks at Wilhelm with pure, unadulterated love, realizing that he’s still in love with him, is mesmerizing to watch.

Malte Gardinger, who plays August, effortlessly captures the villainous rich royal. The mischievous and duplicitous traits of the character are portrayed well by the actor.

Many of the supporting characters in Young Royals are given more screen time. Frida Argento as Sara plays her spiraling coming-of-age character beautifully as she navigates where her loyalties lie.

Felice, played by Nikita Uggla, is also an important character, but her development veers off into uncomfortable territory.


The series gives a fantastic representation of the many challenges that young people and teenagers encounter on a daily basis. Particularly LGBTQ+ youth, both globally and in communities with less liberal and more conservative attitudes.

Young Royals differs from other well-liked high school series like “Elite” because it doesn’t require murders, wild parties, or steamy sex scenes; instead, it is much more grounded and consequently more realistic.

The main theme of the series is the desire to lead a normal life while being part of a royal family. Wilhelm starts his own small revolutions and shatters long-standing traditions throughout the season.


This season of Young Royals gets less queer and focuses a lot on the concepts of royal tradition and duty. The audience is forced to wait for a long time in order to get what they came for.

Other queer storylines in the series are kept under wraps, with a blossoming romance between two women receiving only a brief mention and no opportunity to develop.


In the second season of Young Royals, Prince Wilhelm’s desire to live his own life is even stronger, and it is this desire that propels the show beyond the typical YA fare.

Young Royals is an enchantingly addictive drama in a crowded genre, thanks to the combination of sincerity from the actors and a realistic portrayal of young teens.

Young Royals season 2
Young Royals season 2 review:  Authentic portrayal of a modern royal teen drama 1

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