With Love season 2 review: Feel-good romcom still has its charm

The second season of With Love sees Lily questioning her relationship with Santiago, while Jorge and Henry get ready to walk down the aisle. The season is now streaming on Prime Video.


In the second season, Lily is dating Santiago, and the two are happy together. Lily believes that Santiago is changing and that he will eventually want to marry her, so she avoids having this discussion with him.

On the other hand, Henry is in love with Jorge and wants to marry him. Jorge feels the same and says yes to Henry’s proposal. They start their wedding preparations, but while doing that, they keep discovering and accepting new things about each other.

Jorge Sr. and Beatriz are still very much in love, and Jorge Sr. decides that it is time to fulfill an old promise and surprise his wife. Meanwhile, Miles is willing to learn and grow for Sol’s sake and become a part of her family.

Lastly, Nick is dating someone, even though he has feelings for Lily. Santiago is the man of Lily’s dreams, but they want different things in life. Will she give Nick, her best friend, a chance, or will she change Santiago?


Emeraude Toubia as Lily continues being the starry-eyed girl who wants to end up with the love of her life. Toubia makes Lily seem cute and peppy in a way that the audience will end up liking her.

Mark Indelicato, who plays Jorge, is a diva in every sense of the word. He does what the script requires him to do, but he has so much more to offer; he knows how to make his character entertaining.

Rome Flynn and Isis King are still just as consistent as ever. However, as Nick, Desmond Chiam fails to convey heavy emotions. The writing of the show makes the audience root for his character and makes them wish for more from Chiam.


Similar to the first season, the second season also depicts different types of love stories. There is a love triangle, there are couples that have been together for years, and there are queer couples also. Due to this, the audience gets to enjoy different stories.

Even though most couples found their happy ending at the end of the first season, their stories do not end there. The second season deals with the challenges that come after the happy ending. The characters learn to accept every single thing about their partners and decide to love them despite everything. Their stories continue to be interesting.

It is not just the characters that learn; the show also tries to teach the audience about relationships and love. Miles learning what it means to be with a non-binary person and making Sol feel safe is an insightful moment that the show handles sensitively.


The dialogues are written in a way that makes conversations sound unnatural. There are scenes that could have been much better if the dialogues did not break the illusion of reality.

Some of the characters and couples, like Jorge Sr. and Beatriz, are sidelined in favor of Lily’s love triangle. They still appear in the show, but their stories are nowhere near as good as they were in the first season. In this season, they are like side characters in romcoms who do not really have a purpose.


With Love continues to be a romantic drama that is wholesome and comforting. There is romance in the show, but there are other meaningful relationships as well that will surely brighten your day.

With Love Season 2
With Love season 2 review: Feel-good romcom still has its charm 1

Director: Paris Barclay, Kim O. Nguyen, Eli Gonda, Aprill Winney, Kabir Akhtar

Date Created: 2023-06-02 19:16

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