Wildcat review: A raw and passionate healing project

‘Wildcat’ is a story of a veteran’s recovery through a rescue ocelot’s reintroduction project in the Peruvian Amazon. The documentary is now streaming on Prime Video.


Harry Turner, an Afghanistan veteran, travels to the Peruvian Amazon seven years after being medically discharged due to depression and PTSD. He meets Samantha, who runs an NGO called Hoja Nueva.

Harry joins Samantha in saving animals that have been harmed by hunters, loggers, and traffickers. One such animal is an ocelot kitten named Khan.

Their plan is to take care of Khan, raise him, and teach him for a year and a half before reintroducing him into the wild. Harry takes the reins of the project; he believes that it will be his redemption.

However, Khan does not survive, and Harry loses all the progress that he made. He has to learn to be stable before he welcomes and takes charge of the reintroduction project of another ocelot, Keanu. 

He forms a strong bond with Keanu, which makes letting go of him just as difficult. ‘Wildcat’ follows Harry as he gives his all to the project while struggling with his mental health. 


The brilliant cinematography of the documentary enhances the experience of the viewers; it makes them feel like they are in the wild.

The storytelling is another great aspect of this documentary. It gets the viewers deeply invested in Harry’s story. They become a part of his struggles and feel his love, loss, and sadness.

The depiction of the bond between animals and humans is unfiltered and yet endearing. Surprisingly, one does not feel disgusted at the sight of a human feeding a dead rodent to his animal like a parent. If anything, the bond between them seems beautiful.


The central idea of the documentary is not supported by the events documented. Harry does not find redemption at the end of the project. He is still struggling, and it is uncertain whether he will ever recover.

While the portrayal of Harry’s mental illness is realistic, seeing the filmmakers record him on camera as he harms himself makes it seem like they are trying to profit from his pain. 


It will prove to be a delight for those who love animals. It will even impress and appeal to those who are not animal lovers. Viewers should give this documentary a chance to watch a real-life story, full of emotions, of a bond between a wild animal and a human being. 

Wildcat review: A raw and passionate healing project 1

Director: Melissa Lesh, Trevor Beck Frost

Date Created: 2022-12-30 20:33

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