Who is Erin Carter? review: Fails to create the curiosity it should

In Who is Erin Carter?, a substitute teacher tries to protect her daughter when her past comes to threaten her. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Erin Carter moved to Barcelona with her daughter, Harper, five years ago to restart her life. She now works as a substitute teacher and is looking forward to joining the school her daughter goes to full-time.

Although Erin is struggling with her growing daughter, who is often made fun of for her eye condition, her husband, Jordi, is there for her. Things begin falling apart when Erin and Harper get trapped in a supermarket during a robbery.

Erin takes out one of the robbers and shoots him. Before passing out, the robber recognizes Erin. Soon, Erin becomes the town’s hero. However, she is not comfortable with the popularity she is gaining.

Erin is running away from something, and her name in the newspaper means more trouble is about to follow, making Erin’s peers question who Erin Carter really is.

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Evin Ahmad gives a capable performance as Erin Carter. Despite the character being very generic, Ahmad manages to make it likable.

The rest of the cast has delivered a dedicated performance, but their immense efforts don’t help the viewers connect with the characters, considering how plain and boring they are.


Who is Erin Carter? is to the point with a pace that can immerse anyone into the show. The storytelling is kept quite simple and easy to understand.

The series successfully manages to show how different Erin’s life is now from her past. The striking difference shows two sides of Erin and is able to make one think that they are watching two different shows, as Erin switches between being a mother and an assassin.

Select emotional scenes, like Lena seeing Harper for the first time in five years, and the camera techniques used to capture certain locations in Barcelona, where the action takes place, stand out.


The striking difference in Erin’s life in the past and now and the challenges she faces are interesting, but many times these overshadow each other to the point where all of these stories feel overwhelming and like add-ons.

Furthermore, Erin’s past isn’t downright interesting either. The show mostly fails to live up to its title. It isn’t able to build the right amount of suspense around Erin’s past, and the viewers will not care who she really is or what her story is.

The action is neatly choreographed but is nothing unique or worth looking out for. Some memorable spots could have made at least the action appealing, but all the action in the show does is waste the show’s time.


Who is Erin Carter? fails because it doesn’t have the right hook to make the viewers care about the show’s plot or the characters. The show doesn’t sell or give anything about Erin that makes one think of who she could be. Throughout the run, what it does give is a mediocre plot.

Who is Erin Carter?
Who is Erin Carter? review: Fails to create the curiosity it should 1

Director: Ashley Way, Savina Dellicour, Bill Eagles

Date Created: 2023-08-24 12:30

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