Where the Tracks End review: Captivating story is quite the tear-jerker

Where the Tracks End is a Spanish-language film about a young boy named Ikal who learns and grows along with his friends in a rural town with a dedicated teacher. The film is streaming on Netflix.


Ikal has moved around a lot in his early life because his father is a railroad worker and they live out of a railway car wherever they go but at one stop, he meets some other kids and an elderly teacher who raises his interest in learning.

For the first time, Ikal is able to stay in one place and finds out what it is like to have friends and lay down roots somewhere. He learns how to read and believe in himself and decides to give back and become a teacher one day.

However, just when he begins to feel settled tragedy strikes and Ikal has to move away once again.


Kaarlo Isaac deserves his flowers for such a wonderful performance at such a young age. He is cheerful and emotional and scrappy and everything that young boy growing up in those conditions must be.

The cast of the film revolves around Isaac’s performance and they aid him and the narrative well.


The writers have come up with a heart-rending narrative that takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster. The story is grounded and authentic and a joy to watch.

The film does a very clever job of disguising Hugo’s identity and the timelines of the two plots. It makes the climactic moment all the more impactful and surprising.

The different characters and the structure of the film is perfect. It moves at a simple pace and never drags too long.


Where the Tracks End could have done with a slightly better score to accompany such a dramatic story. What exists currently is barely recognisable and doesn’t add anything significant to the film.


Where the Tracks End is a film without a complicated story that only follows the journey of the young boy who grows through adversity to achieve his dreams, no matter how grounded they may be. There will definitely be a few heavy eyes in the audience by the end of this wonderful film.

Where the Tracks End
Where the Tracks End review: Captivating story is quite the tear-jerker 1

Director: Ernesto Contreras

Date Created: 2023-05-26 12:30

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