Wendell & Wild review: Imaginative film is an entertaining ride

In ‘Wendell & Wild’, Kat Elliot realises that she has supernatural powers and attempts to make a deal with demons to resurrect her parents. The animated horror-comedy film is now streaming on Netflix.


Kat Elliot lost her parents when she was just eight due to an accident she unwittingly caused. She has been blaming herself all her life.

In the years since, she has gotten into a lot of trouble, even landing in juvenile jail. Her life changes when she is given another chance at a school in her former town, Rust Bank.

While there, she is contacted by Wendell & Wild, the demons she has a connection with. They make a deal with her for their freedom from hell. In return, they claim that they will revive her parents.

Kat is desperate to be with her parents again and does not realise the gravity of her actions. To add to the tension, a devious organisation called the Klux Korp, wants to build a private prison in the town.

During Kat’s parents’ memorial, they caused a fire at her father’s old brewery, where all the workers died. Will Kate meet her parents again and expose the Klux Korp?


The stop-motion animation gives the film a certain unique aesthetic that makes the film captivating. This is further strengthened by imaginative visuals that are a treat to watch.

The supernatural element of the film is intriguing and pulled off well. Kat’s identity as a hell maiden helps the film stand out from run-of-the-mill coming-of-age animated films.

Themes of loss and desire and explored competently. Kat, Wendell and Wild are all slaves to their desires and are driven by their will to accomplish them.

Kat’s plight hits the hardest. She blames herself for the death of her parents and has struggled to come to terms with it all her life. She believes it is her duty to resurrect them.

In the process, she grows and learns to accept that sometimes life can be harsh and accidents are nobody’s fault. The film is essentially a manifestation of Kat fighting and overcoming her ‘inner demons’, both literally and figuratively.

Overall, it easily manages to capture your attention for the entirety of its one-hour forty-five-minute runtime with exciting developments and humour.


Some characters do not get enough background for the viewer to be invested. Sister Helley and Manberg are shown to be important characters, and yet just tossed into the narrative.

A few flashbacks and additional information about the characters were definitely needed for viewers to understand them better.


If you enjoy slightly absurd animated films, ‘Wendell & Wild’ is definitely one for you. It combines dark, appealing visuals with an interesting storyline to great effect.

Wendell & Wild
Wendell & Wild review: Imaginative film is an entertaining ride 1

Director: Henry Selick

Date Created: 2022-10-28 17:26

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