Wellmania review: Mildly entertaining comedy drama

Wellmania revolves around a food writer, Liv, who must find a way to get healthy in a month if she does not want to miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Olivia “Liv” Healy is a successful food writer in New York who gets a golden opportunity to be a judge on a cooking show where internationally renowned chefs will compete with each other.

Before preparing for the show, Liv goes to her hometown, Sydney, to surprise her best friend, Amy. However, first, her Green Card gets stolen, and then the US consulate cancels it because her poor health might prove to be a burden to the US.

Liv must get well before the show’s judges are revealed and pass a medical evaluation to get her Green Card back, which seems nearly impossible.

Liv also needs to write something that will make her popular instantly and bring her to the notice of the show’s executives. Liv attempts various things to get fit and tries to find a good idea for an article.

Her hometown brings back unpleasant memories, and while trying to get better, she will have a bumpy ride, but it will make her think and care about her physical and mental health.


Celeste Barber is certainly the star of the show; she is almost too perfect as Liv. She adds her own unique touch to the character. She is effortlessly funny, and at the same time, she does not falter when she has to portray Liv’s darker emotions.

Genevieve Mooy performs her part as Liv’s mother so well that the audience would want to see more of her. For the most part, she is a concerned mother who is also quirky. Overall, her portrayal of her character is entertaining to watch.

While JJ Fong was convincing as Amy, Lachlan Buchanan as Gaz could have given a better performance. There are times when Buchanan shines, but unfortunately, that does not happen throughout the show.


The show is not just about Liv trying to get better but also about Liv’s anxieties, regrets, and burdens. She is not a likable character; she is too self-conceited and that never changes. Despite that, the show makes the audience understand and even accept her once her tragic past is revealed.

While Liv is full of flaws, she somewhat learns and grows in her journey. She meets new people and forms genuine human connections with them. Her relationships with Amy, Issac, Camille, and even the death doula add heartfelt moments to the show.

Liv’s fitness journey is very realistic. There are enough setbacks and ridiculous methods to make it relatable. Sometimes, she is just not in the right headspace and gives up, which depicts the kind of mental struggles that people encounter in real life while trying to be healthy.


The show is equal parts comedy and drama. While there is enough drama and the dialogues are humorous, slapstick comedy can only amuse the audience so much; slapstick comedy in the show is too predictable to be funny and can often seem unnecessary.

At times, the show seems dragged out and also dull when the audience has to watch Liv make the same mistakes over and over again without much development. It feels like watching the same train wreck on repeat.


Wellmania is a mix of drama and comedy. The show never gets too intense or heavy, and the audience will definitely enjoy the dialogues. It is a show that fans of Celeste Barber must watch.

However, it can be somewhat dry and predictable at times, which makes it only mildly entertaining.

Wellmania review: Mildly entertaining comedy drama 1

Director: Erin White, Helena Brooks

Date Created: 2023-03-29 22:11

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