Warriors of Future review: A captivating sci-fi spectacle

‘Warriors of Future’ is a science fiction action movie, revolving around Hong Kong in the year 2055, where only hours remain for a suicide squad to save their post-apocalyptic city from total destruction.


The earth is infested with global warming in 2055, and natural disasters have totally obliterated and polluted the atmosphere. Many deformed children are born and die, despite sky nets being built to protect Earth’s survivors.

A meteor strikes B-16 (futuristic Hong Kong) while it is building sky nets. Pandora, an alien plant, grows quickly when it rains and emerges from a meteor that ruins a 5 km radius. If it is destroyed, it can, nevertheless, clean the air. The mission to eliminate Pandora begins here, with Dr Chang’s assistance.

Tyler and his friend Johnson Cheng, ASU soldiers (a local military force), are given the task of neutralizing the threats and saving the city. Colonel Tam is in charge of B-16, but she also has the plan to bomb the entire area of Pandora, possibly killing 160,000 people.

Cheng is vehemently opposed to the idea of sacrificing citizens, while Tyler enlists the assistance of an old wartime buddy, Skunk, to combat the growing threat. Privates Connor and Lincoln are also assigned to the case. Tyler discovers a young girl, Pansy, whose mother has passed away. He is affectionate towards her because she reminds him of his late daughter, Sissy.

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Eventually, it is revealed that the antagonist is Sean Li, the government’s interim leader. Li is contacted by the team, who informs him that they have proof of him manipulating the robots. Li then challenges them to defeat him by fighting three robots. However, in addition to two large robots, Li sends three smaller but well-trained combat robots.

The fighting is heated, with robots attacking on Sean Li’s orders. Alongside this, Pandora continues to be a problem for the city. All of this changes when Tyler, Cheng, and Skunk band together to defeat the robots and, eventually, Pandora. Everything is restored to its previous state of healthy living.


The casting for ‘Warriors of Future’ is brilliant, to say the least. Louis Koo, who plays the role of Tyler, excels in all the scenes he’s in, successfully showing depth and layers of emotions. Koo plays a very vulnerable character and does great justice to it.

Sean Lau plays the role of Cheng and does extensively well in the action scenes. Even his portrayal of a loyal friend and citizen has been showcased very nicely in the movie.

Other actors such as Carina Lau (who plays Colonel Tam), Wan Guopeng (who plays Connor), and Nick Cheung (who plays Sean Li), are the best picks for their respective roles.


‘Warriors of Future’ makes for a wonderful watching experience. The special effects and cinematography are at their finest.

The action scenes are very intriguing. The fight between Tyler and the robot is one of the best action scenes, along with one of Cheng’s action scenes with the mantis-like creatures.

The storyline is as good as the direction. Another major plus point is the awareness that the movie tries to generate. The future is all about technology and global warming will consume the Earth soon if precautions aren’t taken.


The movie portrays the destruction of Pandora as a task too easy. As the movie unfolds, viewers get an idea of how dangerous the alienated plant is. Thus, one will question how only one gene injection killed Pandora so easily. It does not add up.


‘Warriors of Future’ is a must-watch sci-fi that does complete justice to its action and supernatural elements. Incorporating a culturally resonant message in its narrative, the film succeeds in delivering a story that’s just as solid as its aforementioned strengths.

Warriors of Future
Warriors of Future review: A captivating sci-fi spectacle 1

Director: Yuen Fai Ng

Date Created: 2022-12-02 13:30

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