Virgin River season 5 part 2 review: A merry installment

The second part of Virgin River season 5 sees the townspeople getting ready to celebrate Christmas. When families gather for the holidays, there is bound to be some family drama. The second part is now streaming on Netflix.


It is the holiday season, and Jack wants to celebrate Christmas with his and Mel’s families. Jack’s newly divorced parents come to Virgin River, but as Jack’s mother has brought her boyfriend with her, they find it hard to tolerate each other for their children’s sake.

At the same time, Mel’s sister brings the letters that their mother wrote to Mel’s biological father. Mel wants her father to be a part of her life, so she, along with Jack, sets out to find him using the information she gets from the letters. 

Lizzie’s mother is in town to celebrate Christmas with her. She finally approves of Lizzie’s life choices, which is why Lizzie is scared to tell her about her pregnancy. Lizzie must find a way to break the news to her without displeasing her.

Wes’ body was found, but it has not been identified yet, so Preacher is not too worried. Kaia makes an important decision regarding her career to assure Preacher that she wants to be with him. However, the past can cast a shadow on their happiness.

Although Brie is with Mike and Brady is with Lark, Brady still has feelings for Brie. Similarly, Cameron’s ex-fiancée, Michelle, comes to Virgin River because she wants to get back together with Cameron, who is dating Muriel.

Before the clinical trial starts, Doc wishes to make happy memories with his family that he will remember for the rest of his life. Doc wants to win the town’s Christmas tree decorating contest with Hope and see her smile.

While some families resolve their differences, others work together to make happy memories. This holiday season, there are rejections and acceptances, a lot of love and joy, and even the birth of two babies in this small town.  


The cast of Virgin River gets into the holiday spirit for the second part of season 5. The actors are not required to portray heavy emotions, so they all keep it light and simple.

Thanks to their performances, the relationships of the characters with their families and their partners seem natural. Even the new additions, including the ones who only make brief appearances, perform their parts well.


This part ends the season on just the right note. It maintains a measured pace and provides answers to the questions that the previous part left unresolved. At the same time, it sparks anticipation for what’s to come in the next season.

Mel and Jack’s search for Mel’s father is very much like a Christmas treasure hunt. The audience is made aware of the hints with the characters, which makes them curious and keeps them guessing Mel’s father’s identity.  

This part is not without its sweet and tender moments. Lizzie’s mother sharing her concerns about her daughter’s decision and Charmaine meeting her children for the first time are two of the most heartwarming scenes.

The part certainly does not fail to create a festive atmosphere. It is not just the writing but also the appealing sets that play a major role in it. The Christmas decorations and lights are as pretty as a picture.


The tension that was there in the previous part is absent in this one, as this part is pleasant and cheerful. The conflicts do not seem too serious. This only changes in the end when the conflicts for the next season are introduced.


For the fans of Virgin River, the second part of season five is a holiday treat. It is lighthearted and enjoyable with an ending that will leave the audience eager for the upcoming season.

Virgin River season 5 part 2
Virgin River season 5 part 2 review: A merry installment 1

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