Virgin River season 5 part 1 review: As comforting as ever

The first part of Virgin River season 5 sees the residents of Virgin River dealing with a wildfire as well as various changes and losses in their personal lives. The first part of the fifth season is now streaming on Netflix.


Mel is pregnant with Jack’s child, but Jack is still upset about Charmaine lying to him and making him believe that he is the father of her children. To prepare for their life ahead, Mel and Jack confront their pasts and make decisions about their future.

Melissa plans to use Jack’s glamping business for her illegal activities, so she becomes his partner. Brady is forced to work for Melissa, but when he finds out about Melissa’s future plans, he becomes determined to protect Brie and Jack.

Denny and Lizzie are not the only ones who must decide if they want to be together despite everything; Preacher and Paige must also make that decision. Meanwhile, Doc and Hope are struggling with their impairments.

The residents of Virgin River stand to lose everything when a wildfire reaches their town. The threat changes their lives in different ways. Some changes have a positive outcome. Others, not so much.


The cast of Virgin River continues to give convincing performances. Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, who play Mel and Jack, are comfortable in their roles and with each other onscreen.

Tim Matheson and Annette O’Toole, as Doc and Hope, are not just convincing but also entertaining. The performances of the two actors make them stand out despite the huge cast.


More than anything else, Virgin River is still comforting and satisfying. The ordinary lives of the characters in the show are depicted in a way that their stories gain a lot of meaning and get the audience invested in them.

What makes this show special is the fact that the characters keep learning and growing. The characters are at different places in life, and they all have their own struggles. These struggles, be it Mel’s pregnancy or Brie testifying in court, are realistic, and they resonate with the audience. 

Although the characters are ordinary people living in a small town, the show manages to add a little thrill and danger to their lives by putting them in dangerous situations, like facing a drug kingpin or forest wildfires.


Like the other seasons, the first part of season five has a lot going on. One of the drawbacks of having so many characters and subplots is that not all of them will be liked by the audience, and they might lose interest at times.


The first part of Virgin River season 5 is pleasing in all the ways that have made the previous seasons so popular among the fans of the show. It’s simple yet enjoyable.

Virgin River season 5 part 1
Virgin River season 5 part 1 review: As comforting as ever 1

Director: Monika Mitchell, Felipe Rodriguez, Martin Wood, Jem Garrard, Andy Mikita

Date Created: 2023-09-06 21:49

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