Virgin Bhasskar review: A lost comedy

Envoy Score: 2/5

Virgin Bhasskar is a Hindi web series collectively produced by Zee5 and ALTBalaji. Even though the adult comedy starts on a promising note, it fizzles out into a lacklustre product.

The story is set in Varanasi and focuses on the trials and tribulations of Bhasskar Tripathi (Anant Vijay Joshi) along with his friends, Mishra (Dherendra Kumar Tiwari) and Rohan (Himanshu Arora).

Abetted by Mishra and Rohan, Bhasskar, a 27 year old young Brahmin story writer launches his escapades to lose his virginity. However, in the process, he falls in love with Vidhi Pandey (Rutpanna Aishwarya). 

A cat and mouse game then starts between the two followed by a number of showdowns. Furthermore, Bhassker’s misery continues with a series of break-ups, patch-ups, misunderstandings and misdemeanours. Despite all this, he finally ends up being the winner.

The director duo of Sangieta Rao and Sakshat Dalvi along with story writers Manish Kumar, Ajaydeep Singh and Akanksha Shukla attempt to do jugglery of sorts thereby leading the script to suffer and go wayward.

The depiction of various emotions and perversions in the show fail to impress. There is confusion and chaos in the name of an adult comedy not only for Bhasskar but also for the viewer.

The actual viewpoint of “Virgin Bhasskar” is completely lost midway through the series due to inept handling of the story. This is not something one would expect from Sangieta Rao considering her track record.

The only saving grace is the sincere performances by all actors. Anant Joshi as Bhasskar Tripathi gets a meaty role to exhibit his talents which he does with aplomb. Rutpanna Aishwarya as Vidhi Pandey also gives a stellar performance making the dull proceedings look somewhat brighter.

Dherendra Kumar Tiwari gets a significant role too which he does complete justice to. There are some lighter moments featuring him and his double meaning dialogues. The fact that he also penned the lyrics for Pyar Ka Saregamma with Manish Kumar is something really appreciable for his additional talent. Himanshu Arora as Mishra’s sidekick also does a commendable job.

Virgin Bhasskar is strictly for adults only who savour pointless adult comedies. Others may skip this series without any second thought.

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