Toy Boy season 2 review: A crime series found lacking in the crime aspect

Rating: 2.5/5

The second instalment of ‘ Toy Boy ‘ clears up the questions of the previous season while forming some new ones of its own. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Out with the goal to avenge Triana (Maria Pedraza), Hugo (Jesus Mosquera) and the ‘Toy Boys’ are on a new assignment at ‘One Per Cent’, Marbella. As they investigate the culprit behind the blast at the Inferno, they come across some new faces.

Triana recovers, and goes all out on hunting down her own assaulter- El Turco. She finds an important clue on her quest.

Hugo meets up with an old prison mate, and helps Dario (Jose Manuel Seda) with a job.

Meanwhile, Andrea (Juanjo Almeida) tries to takeover the family business and surpass his own mother.

Rania (Federica Sabatini), Turco’s sister struggles to find David before her own brother. She gets kidnapped by the retired commissioner Zapata (Pedro Casablanc), but manages to run free.

A new alliance forms- El Turco (Alex Gonzalez) and Macarena (Cristina Castano) join hands. The season ends with them preparing to marry.


Jesus Mosquera fits well to the role of a traumatized male stripper- with his character transitioning from naive in season 1 to resentful this season.

The female cast- comprising Maria Pedraza, Cristina Castano and Federica Sabatani- carried the show, displaying a wealth of maturity in their roles.

Juanjo Almeida displayed the trauma of a sexual abuse victim quite well. His eye-catching choice of blue hair colour kept the viewers hooked at his part.

Alex Gonzalez sat well as the antagonistic lead, with his delivery sending chills. The chemistry between him and Cristina Castano sparked through the episodes.


With the various twists in the series, it makes the viewers end up on the edge of their seats.

There are strong characters too- especially female characters, which is a fresh change from the usual ‘Hero-saves-the-day’ plot.

The scenery of Marbella gives some breathtaking shots, giving an exotic touch to the series.

The scarce but realistic action scenes keep this series from getting boring.


The plot of ‘Toy boy’ is quite intriguing, but the episodes could have been done without the cheesy dialogues that are prominent throughout the entire season.

There is absolutely no recap of the first season, which makes it confusing and difficult for the viewers to understand the storyline.

For a series based on crime, it feels as if this season’s plot is more focused on family drama, rather than the actual ‘crime and thrill’.

There are some open threads too, which will hopefully get closed in the next season.


The story gets fans hooked into the series, but the corny lines ruin it. As a series that started with a good but simple crime plot, this season didn’t really advance ahead into it, instead it lost itself into new quests and twists. ‘Toy Boy’ is a good choice for the viewers looking for some change from the usual crime plots, but it might get a bit monotonous and boring at some point.

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