Too Old for Fairy Tales review: A movie for children and adults alike

Too Old for Fairy Tales is a Polish film about Waldek, a young boy who calls himself an e-sports athlete, with an overprotective mother. Soon his mother’s illness and the company of an eccentric aunt gives him a lesson in maturity and independence. Too Old for Fairy Tales is now streaming on Netflix.


Waldek is a spoiled gamer. His overprotective mother, Tereska, has made life too easy for him such that he has grown unhealthy and dependent. But soon Waldek’s mother needs to go out of town for a few days, so she leaves Waldek in the care of her aunt, Mariolka, who is known for her eccentricities and unusual habits. 

Once in charge of looking after Waldek, Mariolka becomes a hard task-master and trains him to become independent and physically active. The boy is very resentful at first, but overtime, grows to love his Auntie Mariolka.

In one rebellious act, Waldek runs away from home in search of his mother and finds her in a hospital room seeking treatment for cancer — something that she had kept hidden from him. Waldek feels lied to and angry for being treated like a baby. 

All the while, Waldek and his friend, Staszek, are looking to compete in an e-sports tournament but need a third member in their team to qualify. On their search, they meet Delfina, a girl Waldek immediately becomes infatuated with.

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However, Delfina isn’t interested in becoming his girlfriend, leaving him dejected and disappointed. He also comes to know that Staszek had tried kissing Delfina, making him feel betrayed and hopeless.

Over the weekend, Waldek goes to visit his grandfather with his mother and her aunt. There, he realizes that his mother is keeping her illness a secret from her father too, although he can tell that his daughter is lying.


Maciej Karas who plays Waldek brings the charm to this film with well-delivered punch lines and an endearing puppy-eyed look that melts the hearts of everyone watching. 

The other star of Too Old for Fairy Tales has to be Dorota Kolak who plays the aunt, Mariolka. Kolak plays this highly nuanced character well, revealing the depth hidden behind her quirky exterior. 


Too Old for Fairy Tales is comedy gold and the delivery by actors only elevates the script. However, with comedy, the film also has a surprisingly serious and ominous drama plot.

It is this perfect combination of laughter and tears that makes this film a good watch. It touches on various themes like family, friendship, forgiveness, and love that capture the viewers’ interest.

The ending also feels justified as Tereska’s health, although on the mend, is still in an uncertain state. There is no definite happy ending given to Tereska as cancer can be unpredictable and the future for them is still unknown. 


While Too Old For Fairy Tales mostly does a good job at telling the story, a few plot lines feel rushed, like how Waldek forgives his friend Staszek and how his friendship with Delfina is restored. 

Tereska’s character feels unrealistic and exaggerated, especially with the way she mollycoddles her son and keeps her illness a secret from almost everyone. 


Overall, Too Old for Fairy Tales is a good watch for children and adults alike. Its witty jokes and a lovable cast make it a must-watch for anyone who is looking for a feel-good film that has got depth and heart.

Rating: 3.5/5

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