Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me review: Uninspired romantic-drama

In Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me, Nina tussles with the decision to stay with her husband or choose her ex-boyfriend, who recently entered her life again. The Polish romantic-drama film is now streaming on Netflix.


Nina (Roma Gosiorowska) is a journalist who is struggling in her personal life as her husband, Maciek (Wojciech Zielinski), continuously neglects her and his household responsibilities.

Her life turns upside down when her ex-boyfriend, Janek (Maciej Musial), shows up at her workplace and reveals he will be working alongside her.

As they spend more time together, and Maciek continues to avoid his family, Nina starts to realise that she wants to be with Janek.

However the complication of having a family prevents her from taking any action. Will she give into temptation or continue the life she has been living?


Nina, Maciek and Janek form a love triangle that is central to the narrative of Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me and all three actors impress in their roles.

Gosiorowska and Maciej’s chemistry is obvious, while Zielinski does a decent job of playing the escapist and later concerned husband.


Apart from the performances, the film doesn’t have a lot going for it. The exploration of Nina’s decision is the highlight of the film.

The scenario of choosing between two individuals will be relatable to many. Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me questions what the right choice would be.

On the surface, it feels like choosing your family is morally the right option. However, through Nina, the film comments on how keeping yourself content could be the true method of keeping your family happy.

The tender music in Janek and Nina’s scenes adds to their chemistry and makes you truly feel like they’re in love.


Even at a one-hour thirty-minute runtime, it drags considerably. The thin plot could have been told through a short story. The love triangle part is cliched as well.

The sequences don’t feel coherent enough and Maciek is never developed as a character to the point where he can influence the viewers. It’s too easy to root for Janek.

The supporting characters, like Nina’s mother, are forgettable at best and only there to give her bad advice without anything profound to add.


Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me isn’t engaging nor does it explore the themes to a great degree. The only saving grace is the relationship between Nina and Janek.

Tonight You're Sleeping With Me
Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me review: Uninspired romantic-drama 1

Director: Robert Wichrowski

Date Created: 2023-03-01 19:36

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