Today We’ll Talk About That Day review: Family drama fails on impact

Netflix’s latest Indonesian family drama, Today We’ll Talk About That Day follows Narendra and Ajeng’s fight for love amid familial protests and pressures, as in the present day Narendra must help save his son’s failing marriage.


In 1987, Narendra loses his brother to a train accident, and at the hospital, he meets Ajeng, who is worried sick about her mother who needs blood for surgery. He helps her get the blood from Red Cross.

The two hit it off and fall in love later on, and when Ajeng’s arranged husband-to-be Wirjawan learns of the affair, he sends men to beat Narendra up, while Ajeng’s reprimanded by her father who also learns of the affair.

The lovers persevere and elope, but soon Ajeng’s mother falls ill, leaving her no choice but to come out of hiding. Her father gets Narendra arrested and threatens to destroy him.

In the present day, Narendra visits his son Angkasa in Bali and learns that his marriage is rife with dire issues. Ang, who had a panic attack a day ago due to stress and overworking, thinks his wife Lika is cheating on him with her friend Billy.

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He goes to confront him, looking for a fight, but Narendra deters him from that while tagging along. He tells him the story of how he fought for his love. In the past, he and Ajeng finally emerge victorious and reunite.

They begin their life together, living at the house Ajeng’s mother owned, from where they are evicted by her father. They then live humbly in the same place Narendra used to live. He looks for jobs but finds it hard to do so, as he also works on finishing his education.

Ajeng helps out and so does her mother. They have a son, and finally, her father melts and arrives to see his grandchild. In the present, Ang learns that Lika didn’t cheat on him and that he’s the reason she wants to separate.

He confronts Narendra and tells him about the issues he has tussled with because of his own father’s flawless record as a provider, as trying to get out of his shadows and succeeding him in many regards impacted his marriage with Lika.

Narendra apologizes to his son and later to Lika. She and Ang finally meet and have a conversation. They decide to give their marriage another shot, promising to find each other’s former selves again and work on their issues.


Rio Dewante plays Angkasa with commendable conviction, making his stressed-out character look very believable. Meanwhile, Agla Artalidia plays Lika with the same conviction and it’s easy to believe the character’s struggles that become rather apparent on her face.

Joudy Pranata plays the younger Narendra and portrays a valiant yet innocent man, while Donny Damara plays the older Narendra with effortless ease, making his wisdom, love, and affection feel all too real.

Rukman Rosadi is a vicious elite as Soemitro but also one who loves his daughter at the end of the day.

It’s easy to see through the actor’s portrayal the distance he’s developed from the version of himself that once was, and now remains buried somewhere deep within his psyche, thanks to his obsessions with business and money.

Yunita Siregar provides the perfect company to Narendra as the young Ajeng, delivering a commendable performance through the cheerful scenes just as well as the difficult and somber ones.


Today We’ll Talk About That Day follows two generations both tussling with their own set of troubles pertaining to love and life. The difference in the nature of said troubles is nicely conveyed and feels relatable as well.

It’s a simple drama following simple characters contending with not-so-simple issues. The unrelenting quest for love and confronting the unsaid issues within seemingly perfect relationships both provide compelling stories.

The actors do a good job of making their characters seem grounded in reality and feel rather authentic. The story also has a lot of heart in it, thanks to the aforementioned authentic flair that it carries as well as the wholesome comic reliefs in supporting characters.


Today We’ll Talk About That Day runs for far too long and even with the two different timelines, a lot could have been done with better pacing and certain cuts in the editing room.

The drama in both storylines is abundant and could have been made impactful, whether it be through standout performances or changes in the plot, the absence of which makes the affair feel quite stale and below its potential.


Today We’ll Talk About That Day has a great set of stories that all seem very real and grounded while also offering a slate of nuanced, complicated, and interesting characters who only serve to elevate the material.

However, the film also fails to use these characters and the premise to tell a truly impactful story or offer a fresher, more unique perspective and pace to the very familiar beats.

Today We'll Talk About That Day
Today We'll Talk About That Day review: Family drama fails on impact 1

Director: Angga Dwimas Sasongko

Date Created: 2023-07-27 12:30

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