Thursday’s Widows review: Heavy on the drama, painfully light on the thrill

Thursday’s Widows is a drama thriller taking place within a high-class community in the mountains where an accident leading to death reveals some scandalous secrets. The series is streaming on Netflix.


Five families live in Los Altos de las Cascadas, a community in the mountains just for the wealthy to enjoy the comforts of their riches. However, each of these families has secrets that they don’t want others to know about.

When three of the men are found dead in a pool, it is ruled out as an accident but a deeper look into the lives of these men and the people around them paints an entirely different picture of the incident.

Infidelity, obsession with image and materialistic wealth, and a craving for status are just some of the issues plaguing these families as the men take drastic measures to make life easier for their next of kin.


With such a wide cast, the focus is spread apart and that bodes well for some of them. The effort is uneven as some of them go overboard while some are barely trying.

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6 episodes is the perfect amount for a series like this and this genre certainly has its fans. The pacing is slow but not unbearable.

Splitting the perspective in each episode is a good storytelling technique and it is executed well here, even if it suffers from the overall narrative.


There’s just not enough mystery behind the deaths and maybe the structure of their stories could have been better. There’s nothing standing by the end and no big payoff.

The performances are affected by the direction, and the subplots don’t do any of the younger cast members any favors. Ramona’s character gets some focus but Juandi and Matias are left shortchanged.

The entire story is just too depressing in quality and rarely feels like you can connect to any of the characters. You can understand their motivations a little, but the characters are just too weakly constructed.


Thursday’s Widows is a series adapted from a novel that would have been better left alone. The series doesn’t do justice to the profound story and the end product is a short yet disappointing drag of a narrative.

Thursday's Widows
Thursday's Widows review: Heavy on the drama, painfully light on the thrill 1

Director: Humberto Hinojosa Ozcariz

Date Created: 2023-09-14 12:30

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