Three Pines (2022) review: Intense crime-drama series with great narrative

Three Pines (2022) is a crime-drama series revolving around Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and a series of crimes he has to investigate in the titular village. All episodes of the series are now available on Prime Video.


Armand Gamache is a Chief Inspector of the Sûreté du Québec police force who is called to the village of Three Pines when a murder takes place. To assist him are his colleagues, Isabelle Lacoste, Jean-Guy Beauvoir and Agent Yvette Nichol.

Inspector Gamache has to make multiple trips to the village each time a murder takes place and he slowly learns that every villager has secrets to hide and they are regularly on the list of suspects.

Alongside these cases, Armand also digs into the mystery of a missing indigenous girl named Blue Two-Rivers and discovers a major conspiracy behind the case.


Alfred Molina gives an absolutely stately performance as Armand Gamache as he embodies the experience and poise of this veteran investigator. His calming presence and steady delivery truly carry the series to another level.

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Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers plays Isabelle Lacoste, who is a dedicated officer who has some personal issues to contend with and Tailfeathers captures the essence of her character perfectly.

Jean-Guy is played by Rossif Sutherland who is also quite impressive. He’s got a bit of a gruff demeanour with the occasional moment of vulnerability and Sutherland performs well.

Sarah Booth is amusing as the inexperienced Agent Yvette Nichol who is quite bumbling and unreliable but she balances that out with her determination to do things right and learn. Booth offers much of the comedic flavour in a series that doesn’t employ much of it.


The tonal approach taken by this series differs from other police procedurals and the lack of high-stakes action sequences with more focus on the process of solving the cases is a great decision.

The characters are so intricately written with each of them just as suspicious as the last. The lead protagonist and his colleagues are similarly intriguing throughout all their interactions.

The series is structured well with the case of Blue’s murder progressing as Armand is called to solve other cases and the episodes never feel overcrowded by it.

The landscapes are gorgeously captured and the pristine white of the winter in Three Pines is magnificent to observe.


The series moves at a slow and careful pace and while it is an intentional decision, it will not please all manner of viewers. It keeps the adrenaline at a basic level as much as possible.

Inspector Gamache’s childhood fears and the anguish that he’s going through is referenced many times but it isn’t explored in a clear manner and that is a considerable misstep.


Three Pines is a distinct crime-drama that adapts a great character from the pages of a book and delivers a brilliant outcome. The series may not be for everyone but interested watchers will definitely find that investing in it is totally worth it.

Three Pines
Three Pines (2022) review: Intense crime-drama series with great narrative 1

Director: Sam Donovan, Tracey Deer, Daniel Grou

Date Created: 2022-12-02 13:30

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