The Test season 2 review: A breezy introduction to the new face of Australian cricket

The new season of ‘The Test’ follows the journey of the Australian Men’s Cricket Team after the departure of Coach Langer and the beginning of the Pat Cummins era. The docuseries is now streaming on Prime Video.


Weeks before the Ashes, one of the most significant series for the Australian Men’s Cricket Team, Tim Paine, the captain of the team, resigns when he finds himself involved in a scandal.

His sudden departure leaves Pat Cummins to take over the leadership role. The pressure to perform and deliver results is immense; he would be debuting as captain in a Test match as important as the Ashes.

Apart from the challenges on the field, the team has a fair share of them off the field. The tension between the players and Coach Justin Langer escalates, resulting in his resignation.

The docuseries depicts the efforts of Cummins and his team to dominate the field by overcoming the hurdles. The players shine individually, and the team goes on to become the new face of Australian cricket.


The docuseries wastes no time and dives right into the challenges that the team has to face. It successfully grabs the attention of the viewers from the very beginning.

It skillfully creates the perfect balance between the scenes on and off the field. These scenes appear consecutively, but that never affects the thrill of the sport or the easygoing side of behind-the-scenes moments.

Sports docuseries often try to get the viewers invested in the lives of the players on a personal level, but it is hard to not overdo that. This season of ‘The Test’ gives just the right amount of time to each player, and it does that in their moment of glory for a greater impact.

For a sports docuseries, this one is a light and pleasant watch. The players are candid, which makes it funny at times. In that sense, it is a little different from other docuseries. It will consistently feel comfortable, almost like a feel-good show. 

The viewers would get to witness some of the golden moments of this team. They are accompanied by the personal experiences of the players, which gives the viewers an opportunity to see these unforgettable moments from their perspective.


It is expected of a docuseries to present the good and the bad. This docuseries, however, mostly focuses on the good parts and glosses over the bad parts. Furthermore, it barely ever approaches uncomfortable topics.


The second season of ‘The Test’ does not disappoint. It is a feel-good sports docuseries. The viewers will get to live some of the incredible plays with the players and get a glimpse into their personal lives. It is a must-watch for cricket fans.  

The Test season 2
The Test season 2 review: A breezy introduction to the new face of Australian cricket 1

Director: Adrian Brown, Sheldon Wynne

Date Created: 2023-01-13 21:32

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