The Romantics review: As entertaining as its subject matter

The Romantics features interviews with 35 Bollywood personalities to trace the success of filmmaker Yash Chopra and document his legacy, Yash Raj Films. The docuseries is now streaming on Netflix.


Yash Chopra, a man of humble origins, brought his own unique vision to the Hindi film industry, especially when it came to the subject of love. He became known as a director who makes films that are imbued with grandness through and through.

After Yash Chopra’s marriage to Pamela, he set out to start Yash Raj Films in 1971; in the beginning, it was nothing but a small room. Pamela, a connoisseur of music, influenced his ideas and became an integral part of his work.

Chopra made films and created characters that captured the country’s socio-political climate and resonated with the audience. He was greatly involved in most of the creative processes, including the costumes of the heroines, of his film, making his films huge successes.

Chopra’s son, Aditya Chopra, not only carried forward his legacy but also surpassed his accomplishments. Aditya Chopra, who is known to be an extremely private person, agreed to give an interview to provide insight into the creative process that helped him achieve tremendous success. 

Comprising interviews with 35 prominent personalities, including Chopra’s family and friends, the docuseries captures his legacy and his son’s contributions that are still defining and redefining romance in Bollywood. 


All four episodes of the docuseries are very entertaining, without a single dull moment. The music, the images, and the footage are used judiciously throughout its run to capture the attention of the viewers.

As it traces the growth of Yash Raj Films, the mentions of older films will make the viewers, who have grown up watching these films, nostalgic. It can be called a comfort series.

The docuseries provides a comprehensive perspective, as it includes interviews not just with actors but also with designers, screenwriters, producers, directors, and more. Furthermore, the interviews appear to be candid. The viewers will get to hear the views of some of the biggest names in the industry.

What makes this docuseries truly stand out is its depiction of the evolution of the Hindi film industry. It celebrates the legacy of Chopra but provides the socio-political context at all times for a better understanding. It depicts the role of films in Indian society and how the two impact each other.


The docuseries falters in just one aspect — the critical eye is noticeably absent. The docuseries lists the positives and leaves out all the negatives that are linked to these films; it does not deal with any uncomfortable topics.


The Romantics is an entertaining celebration of Yash Chopra’s and Aditya Chopra’s works. Apart from that, it also documents the evolution of the Hindi film industry. Bollywood enthusiasts will definitely enjoy it.

The Romantics
The Romantics review: As entertaining as its subject matter 1

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