The Out-Laws review: A forgettable comedy

In The Out-Laws, the arrival of Owen’s future in-laws turns his life upside down, as he goes from being a common bank manager to a criminal in a day. The film is now streaming on Netflix.


Owen is a bank manager who is about to marry Parker, the love of his life. Parker’s parents live in the Amazon, so Owen has never had a chance to meet them. A week before their wedding, Parker tells Owen that her parents will be coming to the wedding. 

Parker’s parents, Billy and Lilly, are adventurous people who live an unconventional life. When they meet Owen, they are not very impressed, as he comes across as a fool. 

Furthermore, because of Owen, their old partner, Rehan, becomes aware of their presence in town. Rehan is a dangerous woman who has to settle an old score with Billy and Lilly. 

Soon after Billy and Lilly’s arrival, Owen’s bank gets robbed, and Owen suspects it to be his in-laws’ work. Owen first tries to expose his in-laws, but when Parker’s life is threatened, Owen decides to plan a heist with them.


Adam DeVine is great as Owen, a simpleton who lives a very unadventurous life. Apart from slapstick, DeVine’s dialogue delivery is also effortlessly funny. Even when the script fails to be hilarious, DeVine’s performance does not falter.

Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin fit the parts of Billy and Lilly, Parker’s intimidating parents with a secret life, too well. Their reactions to Owen’s foolishness are truly entertaining.

Nina Dobrev plays the role of Parker. However, she does not get much screen time or even the opportunity to showcase her skills. As a result, her performance is unremarkable.


Billy, Lilly, and Owen are reluctant companions who have no choice but to work together. Owen is the exact opposite of Billy and Lilly in many ways, and yet this trio is impressive. Their chemistry is one of the most entertaining things in this film.    

The action sequences in the film do not disappoint. They are well-made scenes that are enjoyable and even funny at times. One of them takes place inside a cake shop and makes use of the space efficiently. 


The film’s plot is nothing extraordinary. From the very beginning, it can be predicted how the film will end. As the plot does not offer anything that will stand out, The Out-Laws ends up being a forgettable film. 

The writing is not impressive either. There are not many scenes that will make the audience laugh out loud. There are jokes that do not land, while others just manage to get the audience to smile.

The script does not give any importance to Parker’s character. Her only purpose in the film seems to be that of getting kidnapped and marrying Owen. There is no chemistry between Parker and her parents or even Parker and Owen.


The Out-Laws is a run-of-the-mill comedy that is predictable most of the time but funny only sometimes. It is a film that does not have much to offer.  

The Out-Laws
The Out-Laws review: A forgettable comedy 1

Director: Tyler Spindel

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