The Other Black Girl review: Hulu drama doesn’t utilize its several elements

In The Other Black Girl, Nella, a Black woman, uncovers the dark secrets of the firm she works at when another Black woman joins the workplace. The series is now streaming on Hulu.


Nella Rogers works at Wagner Books, an all-white publishing house. She joined the firm following the footsteps of Kendra Rae Phillips, who once worked at Wagner Books and is popularly known as the editor of Burning Heart, a novel by her best friend, Diana Gordon.

Nella admires the success of Kendra as a Black woman working in an all-white firm, and she wishes to prove herself as well. Competition arrives in the form of Hazel-May McCall, another Black woman.

Surprisingly, Hazel ends up being a good friend to Nella, though they are chasing the same goal. They also share their love for Burning Heart, Diana Gordon, and Kendra Rae Phillips.

As their friendship develops, Nella starts doubting the true intentions of her new friend and the secrets her firm is hiding when someone begins leaving notes asking her to leave.


Sinclair Daniel, as Nella Rogers, gives a convincing performance. The passion Nella carries, her love for Burning Heart, and her aspirations can be seen in Daniel’s eyes whenever her character is asked to talk about these topics.

Daniel is also able to show how Nella gets lost in Hazel’s words and the impact Hazel has had on Nella, which sees her not buying any word against Hazel until there is concrete proof.

Ashleigh Murray, as Hazel-May McCall, does a great job of being an annoying character who is smiling most of the time and talking and cracking jokes in a robotic voice. For the most part, Murray is able to sell the kind of manipulation portrayed in the series.

Eric McCormack, as Richard Wagner, and Garcelle Beauvais, as Diana Gordon, are fitting villains, while Brittany Adebumola, as Malaika, and Hunter Parrish, as Owen, offer wholesome relationships.


The Other Black Girl captures all the attention in its opening episodes. It gives enough time to all the elements it plans to use that are going to attract a viewer. Let it be the topic it is touching, the horror techniques it is using, or the mystery it carries.

The show makes sure that it is appealing enough to make a viewer stay for longer. The drama that follows and the adventures Nella goes on are full of surprises and have good enough drama. Hence, at no point does the show feel tiresome or predictable


The Other Black Girl attempts to approach a number of things all at once. In an attempt to do so, it fails to properly get its message across. The series comes with horror elements that are forgotten down the line and become completely unnecessary.

There is mystery too, but the show ends up giving more than enough time to the drama taking place at Nella’s workplace and her relationship with Hazel.

The show gets busy with its elements so much that the comedy gets lost somewhere, and the tone the series uses doesn’t hint at comedy either; the series stands out more as a mystery thriller.

Lastly, the message the series attempts to put across is muddled as well. The show basically fails to highlight the key points of various scenes that a viewer should notice to understand the twists and the big moments.


The Other Black Girl can only be enjoyed as a mystery thriller unless a viewer forces themselves to rewatch several scenes and understand the message because all the other elements of horror, workplace comedy, and satire that it attempts to incorporate are a big miss and disappointment, even though the series showed promise.

The Other Black Girl
The Other Black Girl review: Hulu drama doesn't utilize its several elements 1

Director: Mariama Diallo, Todd Biermann, Nefertite Nguvu, Naima Ramos-Chapman, Aurora Guerrero

Date Created: 2023-09-13 12:30

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