The Lost Lotteries review: Tries way too hard to be funny

The Lost Lotteries follows a group of not-so-lucky individuals as they break into a mafia den to steal their lottery tickets back. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


Tay works hard and aims to give his mother the best life he can, as she has done a lot for him. He picks up her job of selling lottery tickets after she falls into a sewer and dislocates her hips.

Things go sideways when goons come knocking on Tay’s door to remind his mother about the loan she took from Mr. Chye. Since their house has nothing valuable, they confiscate their bread and butter, as in the lottery tray.

The next day, the same tray hits the jackpot, and the owners of the winning tickets arrive at Tay’s doorstep.

Each one of them is desperate for that win, as they all have faced harsh realities in the past. That desperation brings them together, and they orchestrate a ridiculous plan to steal their lottery tickets back from Mr. Chye.


Wongravee Nateetorn as Tay works as the perfect leader for the group. Though his character is younger and not the most experienced, he is still far more competent than the other characters.

Phantira Pipityakorn as Beat successfully handles the mystery surrounding her character in the first half-hour of the film.

Pipityakorn does deliver a decent performance, but it would’ve been great to see her taking the lead at times as her character seemed quite serious about the plan Tay had come up with.

Padung Songsang as Wen is often overshadowed by Somjit Jongjohor’s portrayal of Khung. Lastly, Napapa Tantrakul as Zoe is quite charming, and it’s always a treat to have her in the frame.


The cast is probably the sole reason the movie is quite watchable. Even the worst of the scenes are acted well.

The plot is definitely silly, but the way this heist in the film is planned and brought to life somehow manages to grab the attention of the viewer.

It feels like the film is aware that it’s attempting to do something ridiculous, and the creators haven’t shied away from that.


Though the cast has given their absolute best, the most important element of comedy is very weak. Only Wongravee Nateetorn’s character gets the timing right.

The rest of the cast is interesting, but they are trying way too hard to be funny. The same goes for the way the film is directed and put together.

The zoom-in effects and the sound effects on certain scenes shout out loud that it is a comedy film. There is no need to do that if you are sure that the jokes will land.

The formula that is executed for funny scenes is repeated throughout the film, and the viewers will get tired of it.


The Lost Lotteries is a one-time watch for the cast and the kind of adventure they are up to. Their chemistry is good, but the film’s idea of portraying humor is very weak and outdated.

The Lost Lotteries
The Lost Lotteries review: Tries way too hard to be funny 1

Director: Prueksa Amaruji

Date Created: 2022-11-16 12:30

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