The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 part 1 review: Legal drama does just enough to keep things interesting

Season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer sees Mickey Haller see a windfall of new clients thanks to his newfound fame, but that also brings more complicated cases and publicity. Part 1 is now streaming on Netflix.


Mickey Haller has become a star because of the Trevor Elliot case even though his client was shot immediately after the trial. There’s a host of new prospective clients contacting him and several media opportunities to put out his profile.

One of those new clients is Russell Lawson, who is the real killer in the Jesus Menedez case. He appears to have Mickey in a bind after signing on as a client but the lawyer is quick on his feet and with some help, puts Russell behind bars.

He also meets Lisa Trammell and sleeps with her before ultimately becoming her lawyer when she’s charged with murder. This turns out to be yet another case in the public eye where the cards are stacked against him.

Meanwhile, Lorna is busy planning her wedding, finishing up law school, and handling Mickey’s practice so that it still exists. Cisco does his bit, although he is occasionally preoccupied with his debt to the Road Saints.


Manuel Garcia-Rulfo continues to be charming as ever in the role of Mickey Haller. This season has Mickey dealing with different issues Garcia-Rulfo is up to the task.

Becki Newton, Angus Sampson, and Jazz Raycole revolve around Garcia-Rulfo in slightly subdued roles that aren’t as intriguing in this first half.

David Clayton Rogers is quite entertaining as Russell Lawson but he simply does not get enough of an opportunity to shine. Lana Parilla has been impressive so far as Lisa. Her character is just the right amount of suspicious and Parilla understands that perfectly.


The series balances its plotlines well, as Mickey focuses on multiple cases at once and the others get to their own thing too. Things are a little less cluttered this time around as well.

The casual and straightforward nature of the narrative is what makes the series appealing. It’s never too convoluted or intricate to follow and indeed, they go to certain lengths to make sure things are clear to the audience when necessary.

Mickey’s plan to take down Russell is not only executed brilliantly in the show but also from a viewer’s perspective. Leaving things just vague enough before having the final reveal of how he did is wonderful.


A lot of what made the first season charming has gone missing in season 2. Mickey and Izzy’s ride-alongs are now mostly to discuss what’s going on in her life and they aren’t even that engaging.

In fact, Izzy’s character takes a metaphorical back seat in part 1, while Lorna and Cisco fare a little better. Having Izzy regress in this way while Mickey’s substance issues dropped altogether is not a good decision.

The pacing of these episodes is a little tedious. The viewer is more likely to have it playing in the background and listen in on what’s happening rather than be glued to the screen.


The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 part 1 is a bit of a drop off from the first season with the drama revolving around Mickey most of them and it isn’t as engaging either. The heart of the story is still quite intriguing and things could improve once part 2 comes around but for now, viewers have to enjoy a slightly middling couple of episodes.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 part 1
The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 part 1 review: Legal drama does just enough to keep things interesting 1

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