The Horror of Dolores Roach review: Screen adaptation makes a valiant effort

The Horror of Dolores Roach follows the titular character after she is released from prison after 16 years, only for her to do things worthy of sending her straight back in. The series is streaming on Prime Video.


Dolores Roach goes to prison for her drug dealer boyfriend and spends 16 years there to protect him but when she gets out, he is nowhere to be found and she has to fend for herself.

She finds support in the form of Luis, the owner of an empanadaa shop who has always been in love with Dolores. Dolores learns how to be a masseuse in prison but she also learns ways to defend herself.

When she ends up killing a customer who gets too handsy, Luis helps her cover it up by cutting the body up and using the meat in his empanadas. While the popularity of the shop skyrockets, Dolores gets more worried that she’ll be found out.

She ends up killing more than one person as she finds herself in stressful situations where she has no other options. She is also still hung up on her ex-boyfriend and is determined to find him after learning that he was the one who set her up.


Justina Machado is very convincing as Dolores Roach and she barely puts a foot wrong. Her portrayal of this seemingly unfortunate, yet ruthless killer is particularly enjoyable.

Alejandro Hernandez is incredibly hilarious as Luis Batista. His obsession with Dolores and his oddball tendencies are quite humorous and his presence makes things all the more enjoyable.


The narrative aspect of the series is what makes it interesting. Having Dolores go over the events that led to her predicament and providing live commentary is a huge part of the appeal.

The direction is strong too as Dolores’ descent into serial killer territory almost happens by unlucky coincidences but she also clearly shows a certain knack for it. The story feels genuine and as grounded as it can seem given the circumstances.


Unfortunately, the series isn’t exceptional in any way that makes it unmissable. The Sweeney Todd inspiration is there and they’ve added their own little spin to it but it doesn’t seem to be as enthralling.

Luis’s revelation that he was raped by his father’s girlfriend and what he did afterward is such a major confession and in a weird way, didn’t belong in this series. Rather than have any kind of major impact, it only provides a single shocking moment.


The Horror of Dolores Roach is an interesting adaptation that offers some wonderful moments and can be enjoyed casually but it is truly nothing to write home about, especially given the legacy inspirations behind the central concept of the series.

The Horror of Dolores Roach
The Horror of Dolores Roach review: Screen adaptation makes a valiant effort 1

Director: Roxann Dawson, Edward Ornelas, America Young, Hiromi Kamata, Eduardo Sánchez

Date Created: 2023-07-07 05:30

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