Taking down the couple: The Highwaymen Review

Taking down the couple: The Highwaymen Review 1

Who hasn’t heard of Bonnie & Clyde? Dressed in their finest the couple drove around America robbing banks and shooting folks many of whom were police officers. Along with the Barrow Gang, these two were notorious for their activities. Which is why it’s no surprise Uncle Sam scoured the country and appointed former rangers Frank Hamer and Maney Gault.

The Highwaymen chronicles the hunt for the two outlaws across America during what was called the ‘Public Enemy Era’. Starring Kevin Costner & Woody Harrelson who play the Rangers, Hamer and Gault, respectively, the film is an in-depth telling of the journey the duo undertakes to take down the infamous couple. To hunt criminals in one thing, but to hunt criminals who are loved by the people is another. The film takes us through that phase and shows the difficulties the rangers encountered during their heroic hunt.

Directed by John Lee Hancock who is previously known for his works like The Founder & Saving Mr. Banks, The Highwaymen echoes the same directorial & cinematographic style with a focus on the film’s rustic characters while showing them at their best and worst.

If you’re someone who has no idea about this great chase which happened in Depression-era America then this flick is a must-watch for you.

The Highwaymen is available to stream on Netflix.

Check out the trailer below for a sneak peek.

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