The Green Glove Gang review: An unconventional criminal gang with a predictable story

The Green Glove Gang is a crime thriller based on a trio of old women who work together as burglars to help the needy. The series starts off strong but succumbs to the security of following the predictable tropes of the genre.


Zuza, Kinga and Alicja go to a nursing home to hide from the police forces hunting for them after their previous robbery. The trio brings youthful energy to the house filled with old people. 

The gang forms a friendship with the other residents. They help him sort out their personal issues and confront the greedy director of the nursing home. 

While helping their friends, they discover the secret criminal operation running behind the nursing home and its connection with the funeral home. The gang robs their offices to teach them a lesson. 

Their behaviour angers the authorities and the gang gets arrested. They receive help from the nursing house residents for their escape plans.


Magdalena Kuta, Małgorzata Potocka and Anna Romantowska play the trio central to the show. Their portrayal of friendship between the gang and their execution of the roles amplifies the emotion of each scene and increases audience engagement.

Beata Bandurska as Marzena portrays the pure greed of her character and her necessity to control and exploit the nursing house residents through her performance. 

Karolina Rzepa as Gujska is yet another female character whose portrayal lifts up the entire quality of the show. Aside from her sincere devotion to the investigation, her mildly wholesome relationship with her coworker plays off well in contrast to the feisty plotline of the green glove gang. 


In opposition to the conventionally male-dominated serious genre of crime-thriller, the series features several complex female characters including the old women trio, the police officer and Marzena. While none of these women fit into the perfect woman category, their complicated plotlines and motivations create an engaging storyline.

The pacing and the episode lengths set up a playful tone in the series. Despite some dark themes of death, ageing and loneliness, the show follows a playful tone with its unconventional heroines and the consistent use of dark humour.

The soundtrack of the series is upbeat and fun. It amplifies the comic tone of several scenes and builds the character arcs.


The simple narrative of the show makes it too predictable. Despite its introduction of a relatively new concept for the genre, the plot may seem a little generic. 

For people who don’t understand Polish, the subtitles might take away the great timing and delivery of the script. The English dub is a better alternative. 


The series is a fresh addition to the male-dominated genre of crime thrillers. Despite the predictable resolution, the series is short and funny with charismatic characters. The finale sets up the plotline and leaves hope for a new season. 

The Green Glove Gang
The Green Glove Gang review: An unconventional criminal gang with a predictable story 1

Director: Tadeusz Sliwa

Date Created: 2022-10-19 12:30

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