The Good Fight season 6 review: A fitting farewell to the show

The Good Fight season 6 follows the lawyers of Reddick & Associates as they work their way out in a city haunted by protests. The sixth season is now streaming on Paramount+.


Reddick & Associates undergoes a transformation as the energetic Ri’Chard Lane joins Liz to run the firm. Liz and Ri’Chard don’t look eye to eye but are left with no option but to work together.

Diane keeps experiencing some sort of deja vu since returning and opts to take treatment at a place called Mind Space, where she falls in love with her doctor.

Marissa faces challenges as a full-time lawyer when her own father asks her to defend him as he is indicted for fraud.

Carmen Moyo, on the other hand, continues to work alongside criminals and soon lands herself in trouble where she could even get fired from the firm.

Meanwhile, Jay comes across an organization that is secretly working to provide justice to the people when the government fails to do that.

Lastly, Liz soon learns that Ri’Chard has a past with her father and doubts that he has a secret agenda for working here.


Andre Braugher as Ri’Chard Lane brings a breath of fresh air amidst the cast, which retains its performance from past seasons.

Braugher smoothly mixes into the environment and has incredible chemistry with Audra McDonald, who plays Liz Reddick. They work well together, whether they are fighting amongst each other or against someone.

Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart has taken a backseat this season, as she seems to be on her own and spends most of the time with Dr. Lyle Bettencourt, played by John Slattery.

Another cast member that matches the energy Braugher brings is Sarah Steele as Marissa Gold.

Steele engrosses the audience in the smallest bits and pieces that feature her character with her wide range of expressions and the idea of fun that Marissa represents.

Nyambi Nyambi as Jay DiPersia, for the very first half, works only as an add-on for the lawyers at the firm, but in the second half, his character ends up discovering a new purpose in his life.

Charmaine Bingwa as Carmen Moyo has an interesting arc involving big names of the underworld, but it doesn’t really pay off. Still, she has her moments and gets a chance to portray the boldness of the character.


The sixth season somehow manages to keep the work environment of the firm calm even though there are riots and protests going on in the streets.

The show has also experimented with interesting plots and situations. For example, there is an episode full of adrenaline where the lawyers abandon their holiday to fight a case that will save a person’s life.

In emergency situations like these, the judges and lawyers are left with no option but to conduct hearings at the most unusual places.

The season is also filled with a number of cameos, with each one of them bringing something intriguing to the table.

The show also builds up a good mystery around itself, where the firm is constantly being targeted by the protesters on the street. It works slowly to uncover the organization that is really behind it.


Being the final season of the series, the creators have made less effort to build how the story will end.

The subplot around Diane and Dr. Lyle is quite interesting, but at the same time, the whole development seems like a letdown in the end, as things go back to how they were in the very premiere of the sixth season.

Every episode of the sixth season teases something more gruesome, only to leave viewers with nothing in the next episode, until the finale, which is quite thrilling.


The Good Fight season 6 is a satisfying final season for the show, with the creators not opting to make it grand. It is calm, sometimes adventurous, and ends the story by carving new paths for each and every main character on the show.

The Good Fight season 6
The Good Fight season 6 review: A fitting farewell to the show 1

Director: Nelson McCormick, Tyne Rafaeli, James Whitmore Jr., Lily Mariye, Michael Zinberg, Nikki M. James, Robert King, Carrie Preston

Date Created: 2022-09-08 12:30

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