The Dragon Prince season 4 review: A peek into Aaravos’ sinister past and plans

The Dragon Prince season 4 ‘Mystery of Aaravos’ follows Callum and friends on their way to stop the titular antagonist from escaping his captivity, while Claudia tries her best to do the contrary.


Claudia resurrects her dad Viren from his death, and it has been two years since he fell to his demise. However, this revival is only temporary and to make it permanent, Aaravos guides her through the way to release him from his captivity, upon which he’d complete Viren’s revival.

Meanwhile, Callum is surprised by Rayla’s return after two years of absence from his life, and he’s collected to some resentment for her decision to leave him like that.

He’s also researching on the mirror that he’s been left with after the war, and now that he’s a high mage himself. Ezran welcomes Queen Zubeia and Zym in Katolis.

However, tragedy strikes when Ibis dies while failing to keep Viren’s staff from Claudia’s grip. Claudia flees to cast the spell and release a mystical being from a Chrysalis — all in accordance with Aaravos’ plans.

Meanwhile, Queen Zubeia and others mourn Ibis and then decide prevent Claudia from bringing back Aaravos to the world.

Zubeia also tells them about the origins of Aaravos and how he’s been manipulating powerful men for thousands of years, altering the course of history in the process.

Claudia, among with her boyfriend Terry and father Viren rush to find the next piece of the puzzle to release Aaravos, while Callum and friends try to crack the puzzle before her.

Meanwhile, the humans and elves have some unrest at Lux Aurea, a fact which Janai’s brother Karim highlights to her, trying to convince her to hold off on her marriage to Amaya.

Janai disagrees and refuses to do so, later also pardoning a human who committed an offensive crime in the eyes of the elves, instead of punishing her with death like they used to before.

Karim doesn’t believe his sister’s spiel about changing things and denouncing old ways would work and challenges her to a duel.

Janai beats Karim and denounces the old ways of violence and strife, welcoming new harmonious and loving ways of ruling and co-existing.

Meanwhile, Callum and friends try but fail to take the map to Aaravos’ prison for themselves.

Claudia manages to grab it, fleeing away with it and her boyfriend as well as father, who is again seems to be possessed by dark powers before The Dragon Prince season 4 rolls the credits.


The voice cast is great at reprising their roles her and just about everyone in The Dragon Prince season 4 puts up a competent show when it comes to flexing their vocal cords for their animated parts.

One of the most standout performances this season comes from Ben Cotton, who lends his voice to the mighty and grumpy Archdragon Rex Igneous.


The episodes in The Dragon Prince season 4 are short and crisp, with the pacing being one of the better parts about flow.

The animation is great, and the few scenes of slow motion are beautiful to watch. Additionally, season 4 also reveals, finally, the background of its big bad antagonist who’s inevitably going to clash with our heroes soon.


Season 4 inserts some unnecessary references to the real, modern world memes and dance moves, breaking the immersion completely and feeling rather cringeworthy.

In terms of plot development, there’s not much happening in the fourth season, and the big anticipatory reveal of the villain is left for the next installment. However, the journey is fairly enjoyable on its own without any huge action sequences.


The Dragon Prince season 4 is a strong installment in the series, rife with the rich fantasy lore of the world while also unraveling some of the mystery surrounding its prime antagonist.

With great characters and story developments, season 4 is a great return to form for the animated series after a long hiatus.

The Dragon Prince season 4
The Dragon Prince season 4 review: A peek into Aaravos' sinister past and plans 1

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