The Big 4 review: Gory and funny at the same time

‘The Big 4’ is an action film about four retired assassins. When a police officer comes seeking information about their past, they find themselves dragged into the world of violence once again. The film is now streaming on Netflix.


Topan, Alpha, Jenggo, and Pelor are assassins that work together and live like a family. They were raised and trained to be the best by Petrus, their adoptive father, and they are known as the Big 4.

Petrus decides to retire for the sake of his daughter, Dina, who knows nothing about his work. However, he is murdered in his house on the day of her graduation. 

Dina comes home and witnesses her father’s last moments. She sees a man, whom she assumes to be her father’s murderer, sitting by her dying father and wearing his cap. She shoots the man, but he escapes. 

Three years later, Dina becomes a hardworking police officer who has still not found the man responsible for her father’s death. When she comes across an old picture of her father with four children, she decides to find them in hopes of reaching the murderer.

She travels to Bersi Island, where she meets Topan and asks him questions about her father. Unbeknownst to her, she is being followed by men who want to kill them.

The Big 4, who had moved on with their lives, reunite when danger comes knocking at their door. Along with Dina, they must face the man who killed their father and avenge his death.


Martino Lio As plays the role of Antonio, the antagonist. He somehow convinced the audience that he is a fearsome and eccentric villain, even though, at times, he himself got scared.

Abimana Aryasatya as Topan, Putri Marino as Dina, and Kristo Immanuel as Pelor gave adequate performances.

However, Lutesha as Alpha and Arie Kriting as Jenggo were a delight to watch. They managed to stand out by completely immersing themselves in their roles.


The action scenes are carried out well; despite the use of various kinds of weapons, there were sufficient hand-to-hand combat scenes. 

The film incorporates humor, and it is safe to say that it does not miss its mark. There are scenes that efficiently combine action and comedy.

The depiction of the Big 4’s camaraderie and the unique place that each of them enjoys in the team is entertaining as well as sweet. It is shown in passing that they deeply care for each other, as this is the only family they have ever had. 


It is a typical action film where the plot takes a backseat on several occasions; the plot is simple and filled to the brim with action.

The film fails to incite emotions like sadness and anxiety. For instance, the audience does not feel anything when Pelor is held hostage or even when Petrus is killed. 


This film is funny and gory with captivating action sequences; the focus is more on the action than the plot. This is the film for those who enjoy watching heads getting blown with blood spurting out.

The Big 4
The Big 4 review: Gory and funny at the same time 1

Director: Timo Tjahjanto

Date Created: 2022-12-15 19:44

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