Sommore: Queen Chandelier review: Mildly entertaining but limited in accessibility

Sommore: Queen Chandelier sees the Queen of Comedy perform for her first special in 3 years as she discusses the pandemic, fashion, relationships, and growing old. The special is streaming on Netflix.


Sommore returns for her 6th self-produced comedy special as she performs for a raucous crowd in the Wick Theatre In Boca Raton, Florida. She thanks the audience for showing up despite the now ever-lasting threat of COVID-19 and discusses what an ordeal getting the vaccine was.

She moves on to her opinion on free stuff and how people treat you when you’re the recipient of something complimentary. Sommore goes over certain observations she’s made at the airport recently and very specific fashion faux pas that has caught her attention.

She talks about life during the pandemic and how social media thrived during that time. She touches upon the specific part of the internet where African-American people congregated to share their thoughts and opinions on matters of the world.

The comedienne takes a moment to reflect on her relationship with her father who had passed away just before the quarantine and how people are better off not holding grudges in this life.

She rounds things off by discussing the logistics of growing older and how it affects your love life.


Sommore has boundless charisma and there’s a steady flow to her delivery in this special. She keeps things moving while giving the audience enough time to ruminate on her jokes. The editors have cut the special in a similar vein, tailoring it for the streaming audience.

There is a general familiarity with her subject matter and what the wider audiences will recognize is sure to garner a chuckle or two. Her jokes tend to land with the required impact throughout.


The major chunk of Sommore’s set is directed to a more specific demographic and while she occasionally provides some context to certain references she makes, the bulk of the jokes might find many viewers estranged or feeling a little out of the loop.

The pandemic will always be a topic that resonates with people in different ways but at this point, it is a well that has been overdrawn from, and as time passes, jokes about quarantine might not have the same kind of appeal.


Sommore: Queen Chandelier is a pleasantly enjoyable stand-up special that might not have you bursting with laughter but is better suited playing in the background as one goes about getting work done at home. The comedian is certainly funny as evidenced by the reactions of the live audience but her humor does not transcend cultural boundaries.

Sommore: Queen Chandelier
Sommore: Queen Chandelier review: Mildly entertaining but limited in accessibility 1

Director: Kevin Layne

Date Created: 2023-02-21 13:30

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