Something from Tiffany’s review: A holiday rom-com done right

In ‘Something from Tiffany’s’, a mix-up of gifts helps Rachel and Ethan realize that they are meant for each other. The movie is now streaming on Prime Video.


Ethan is planning to propose to his girlfriend, Vanessa, this Christmas. Ethan’s daughter, Daisy, assists him in buying the best ring there is at Tiffany’s.

On their way out, they see a man named Gary, who seems to have bought something for his girlfriend as well, get hit by a car. Ethan attempts to help him. Unknowingly, he picks up his present when the ambulance arrives.

The next day, the father-daughter duo arrives to check up on Gary at the hospital and meet his girlfriend, Rachel. They all quickly get along, and Rachel invites them to her bakery, hoping to thank them for aiding Gary.

Things go south when Ethan presents Gary’s gift to Vanessa, and Gary, in turn, presents Ethan’s gift to Rachel. While Ethan plans to get his ring back, Gary goes with the flow and allows Rachel to think that he is proposing to her.

Ethan resorts to solving this mix-up without letting Rachel know, while Rachel figures out that Gary is lying to her, and this isn’t the first time he has tried to deceive her.


Zoey Deutch as Rachel is charming. Deutch’s performance doesn’t feel plain like most of the leads in a holiday rom-com. Rachel’s character is like the heart of the film.

Deutch’s chemistry with Kendrick Sampson, who plays Ethan, is striking. The friendship element is there, but this chemistry struggles to show signs of a possible romance.

Sampson subtly carries the simplicity of Ethan. He comes out as a great father and a responsible man, as he should.

Ray Nicholson as Gary hardly carries any expressions on his face. The confrontation between Ethan and Gary could’ve been more intense if Nicholson had displayed some sort of displeasure on his face.

Unlike Nicholson’s character, Shay Mitchell’s Vanessa doesn’t get enough time on screen. For the most part, her flaws are not put on display like Nicholson’s are. They come out abruptly toward the end of the film.


What makes ‘Something from Tiffany’s’ work is the fact that the dialogues are well-written and the movie doesn’t rely on the cliches these kinds of romantic comedies mostly depend on.

The setting is quite modern, and the story itself is convincing. There are zero over-the-top scenes or situations. The characters are written in such a way that the viewers will root for them.

At times, the film drives itself to be more serious, and there are scenarios where the film is moving away from its original tone, but it’s a plus point as the story becomes more relatable and feels more grounded.


The story of Rachel and Ethan hints more towards a developing friendship than a romance. It’s not until the finale that the movie starts dropping the possibility of a romance.

The film likes to establish from the very beginning that they both are quite happy with their better halves, and it takes a lot of time to suggest that they are not.


‘Something from Tiffany’s’ is a holiday rom-com executed well amidst the number of failed films that are released in this genre. The charming performances and intriguing premise make the film a comfortable watch.

Something from Tiffany's
Something from Tiffany’s review: A holiday rom-com done right 1

Director: Daryl Wein

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