Sky Rojo review: Thrilling but never-ending chase

Rating: 3/5

Recognised for their bank thriller ‘Money Heist’, Álex Pina and Esther Martínez have attempted to narrate the saga of liberating prostitutes in Sky Rojo. Although, with countless twists and turns, their escape never ends.


Summarised by the creators as “Latin pulp”, Sky Rojo is a story of three prostitutes who flee from their workplace after attacking the pimp. The individual backstories of all the characters reveal their reasons behind joining the brothel.

Coral (Verónica Sánchez), Gina (Yani Prado) and Wendy (Lali Espósito) try to escape from the club after attempting two murders; one of them is their boss Romeo (Asier Etxeandia).

Romeo doesn’t die and decides to take revenge on the women. He sends his henchmen after the three girls, who chase them for a long time. But all their attempts go in vain as the girls escape every time.

The flashbacks in the story unveil their struggles, exploitation, secret affairs, addictions, and past crimes. After several collateral damages, the girls decide to take charge and hunt down the chasers.


Verónica Sánchez plays the role of complex character Coral, who is bold, rebellious and fearless. On the other side, she portrays her as understanding and secretive. Her thrilling performance of playing a person addicted to drugs is noteworthy.

Gina, excellently played by Yani Prado is a very emotional and gullible girl. Prado was able to showcase a transformation in her character, from being vulnerable to taking control of her own life.

Lali Espósito plays the role of Wendy, who appears to be intuitive and spontaneous. She delivers a sophisticated performance for a character who is blunt and colourful at the same time.

The trio of actors and their characters’ qualities complement each other throughout the web series. Their portrayals of the hardships faced by the prostitutes ignite a sense of empathy among the viewers.

Asier Etxeandia plays the role of the ultimate villain in Sky Rojo. He perfectly brings out the hostile nature of Romeo, who smartly establishes a business in the club. He is unforgiving and ruthless with the prostitutes, but on the other hand, mourns for his lost wife.

Enric Auquer and Miguel Ángel Silvestre play the roles of Romeo’s henchmen brothers Christian and Moisés. They portray the confused characters who argue and take impulsive decisions every time. Both the actors brilliantly played the contrasting nature of the brothers.


Sky Rojo successfully throws light on the much delicate issues of sexual exploitation and trafficking. The constant run and chase between the protagonists and the henchmen keep you hooked to the screens.

The background score and music tracks add up to the classic theme of the show. The action sequences are intense and very well directed. They bring out the realness of the story.

The interesting way of storytelling in Coral’s voice keeps you connected to the plot. The cliffhanger at the end of each episode maintains the thrill of the show. The flashbacks are a great asset to the web serie and elaborate on the qualities of every character.

The trap planned towards the end of the season is the most exciting part of the web series. The cliffhanger dropped at the end of the last episode makes it even more interesting to watch.


The scenes with violent acts involving women can trigger some viewers. The never-ending chase between the girls and the antagonist becomes monotonous and predictable after some time. Each time the henchmen come closer to get hold of the prostitutes, they quite efficiently manage to escape.

Some of the scenes are slightly hard to digest, for example, Romeo drives an ambulance with paralysis while chasing the girls. Another scene with Fernando visiting the club to pay for Gina’s debt also seems unnecessary.

The makers of Sky Rojo left many questions unanswered. The inability of girls to stop Romeo from tracking their location earlier gets neglected. Coral’s attempt to save Romeo from dying confuses the viewers of her real motives.

Worth it?

Sky Rojo is an exciting action crime-drama web series. It might come out as rushing to some viewers because of its rapid change of events, however, the show hooks you in for every subsequent episode with it as well. With only eight episodes of 25 minutes each, the show is an easy and pleasant watch.

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