Sintonia season 4 review: Average season with a few high points

In season 4 of Sintonia, Doni, Nando, and Rita face new challenges that they have to overcome with each other’s support. The episodes are streaming on Netflix.


After the raid on the cafe, things are very unstable in the lives of Doni, Nando, and Rita. Rita chooses to go back to school after such a traumatic event, Doni is shot in the hip and travels a long road toward recovery, and Nando has to keep his head on a swivel.

The trio has hit another rough patch in their lives and have to rely on each other’s support to get through things. Nando has to worry about Scheyla who is in prison because of him.

Doni’s career takes a nosedive but he figures out a way to turn it around and give back to his community for everything he has achieved. Rita gets a first-hand look at the injustices that people in poor communities face.

She wants to fight for them but is constantly met with moments where her faith in God and the justice system is questioned. The three of them find ways to overcome their issues and stay by each other’s side through it all.


Jottapê, Christian Malheiros, and Bruna Mascarenhas continue to lead the series admirably. These roles must be second nature to them by now but the growth in their characters is portrayed wonderfully.

Julia Yamaguchi deserves special praise for her role this season. Playing a broken woman in prison so authentically, Yamaguchi shines a lot brighter than many of the others on display.


The musical aspects of the series are amazing. The score, the various artists, and their lyrics, it is all very impressive and adds flair to the season.

Rita and Doni’s arcs throughout the season are well structured and showcase legitimate progression in their characters. To see these characters come this far from where they began is quite pleasing.

The look of Sau Paulo is captured magnificently and this series has always done a great job of depicting a very specific vibe within the favelas of Brazil.


Nando’s story arc isn’t as strong as the other two and his character actually goes in the opposite direction. Despite his noble intentions, he continues to choose the illegal path and doesn’t even once try to go clean again.

There are a few discrepancies in the narrative, such as the early days of Rita’s law school and Doni’s recovery. There are story beats that are glossed over and it is at times unclear what tone the director is going for.


Sintonia season 4 adds two extra episodes to the usual formula and comes out with a decent product that pushes forward the story of Rita, Doni, and Nando. However, they series has reached a point where it risks overstaying its welcome unless it makes some very smart narrative decisions.

Sintonia season 4
Sintonia season 4 review: Average season with a few high points 1

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