September Mornings season 2 review: Authentic look into trans lives and struggles

September Mornings is a Brazilian drama series about a transgender woman, Cassandra, and follows her journey as she goes through various trials and tribulations. The second season is now streaming on Prime Video.


September Mornings follows Cassandra along as she tries to adjust to her new life with Leide and her son, Gersinho as they reenter her life. 

It is a tale of life and struggles as much as it is a story about parenthood and familial bonds. The series looks at how Cassandra balances her identity, jobs, interests, love and family while staying true to herself.

The series cleverly brings Cassandra’s parents into the narrative and contrasts the parenting styles adopted by each parent in the show. The acceptance arc, be it for Cassandra’s identity, or Cassandra accepting Gersinho, forms a linear trajectory that is satisfying to watch.

The storytelling is simple and realistic, but this also creates a lag in certain places. Certain aspects are not explained thoroughly, which can also get confusing to follow in the plot.

Overall, September Mornings creates a heartwarming tale of love, acceptance and understanding that mirrors the actualities of common, everyday life.


Liniker provides an engaging performance as Cassandra. She brings a level of authenticity to the character’s portrayal, and her acting flows seamlessly through each scene.

Gustava Coelho shines brightly as Gersinho throughout the show. His emotional expressions and acting style depict the turmoil the young boy is going through and create a sense of sympathy for his plight.

Karine Teles also plays the character of Leide well and builds a persona that is blunt but still remains quite easy to like and care about.


The series accurately portrays the transphobia trans people have to face on a daily basis. From misgendering to taunts on the street, September Mornings covers it all, with an air of sensitivity.

The show also has a diverse set of characters, with their own individual problems and goals. This adds another layer of authenticity to the realistic portrayal of human living the show aims to bring across.

It forms an interesting slice-of-life narrative that seems realistic but also addresses themes of parenthood and acceptance brilliantly.


There are certain slow scenes where the plotline drags a bit at times and gets repetitive- but that also in a way adds to the portrayal of common life.

Certain parts like Cassandra’s search for her mother are randomly added in, and not addressed enough to actually make the audience care for her search. When it does get added into the scene, it ends up feeling like an unnecessary drama ploy. Building upon this plotline a bit more could have led to a more engaging viewing experience.


September Mornings is a visually pleasing watch that addresses important topics but still manages to glide through pretty smoothly. With good cinematography and a captivating story, the series is bound to catch one’s attention.

September Mornings season 2
September Mornings season 2 review: Authentic look into trans lives and struggles 1

Director: Luis Pinheiro, Dainara Toffoli

Date Created: 2022-09-23 10:30

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