Seal Team (2021) review: Good potential yet sub-par execution

Rating 2.5/5

In Netflix’s ‘Seal Team’, Quinn is a seal who enjoys relaxing in the sun. However, life isn’t always so easy. The Sharks, who are a threat to the community, frequently disrupt the seals’ pleasure. He loses his friend, Benji and becomes determined to eliminate the sharks with the help of group of combatant friends.


The plot kicks off with a flashback when during a secret seal mission, Claggart, Dolph, and Switch — H.M.F. good boys — discover the X47 death balloon. Instead of calling a human, they sever a wire, resulting in an explosion.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Benji plot a ‘Super-secret surprise attack’ to catch a fish in the present day. They come upon a shark named Grimes, and Quinn loses Benji.

This forces him to put on the Octo suit and enter the shark realm, where he observes Grimes plotting a counter-attack. When they come upon Grimes, Claggart offers himself as a bait to save the others.

A Shiver of Sharks is on the hunt for seals, and the Seal Team which includes Claggart, Switch, Quinn, Beth, Geraldo and Jing, attempts to save them, resulting in a massive showdown.


Since it’s a computer animated film, there are no physical performances. However, only the girth and hairdo separate the characters but the direction is appreciable.

Furthermore, with a cast featuring Jessie T. Usher, Dolph Lundgren, J.K. Simmons, among others, the voice acting is absolutely on point.


The animation is stellar and immerses you in the vast underwater world with a spectrum of characters.

Seals popping open sardine cans like beers, a weaponized pistol shrimp, and an inventive camouflage suit made of dozens of color-changing octopi are among the visual gags that earn a snort that’s nearly a laugh.

Reading the voice cameos in the end credits produces the best tee-hee.

The plot has a handful of twists and revelation.


The screenplay is considerably dumb humor and could be more polished. The seals can do pushups but gets difficulty in posing a thumbs up.

The narrative is inconsistent and the jokes are deliberately cheesy.

Worth it?

‘Seal Team’ is worth watching once if you do not mind the occasional deviation from logic and enjoy basic childish humour for the holidays.

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