Scissor Seven season 4 review: Fun installment flies by too quickly

Scissor Seven season 4 sees the titular assassin trying to recover his health and his memories after a grand battle, as other factions of assassins collide with each other. The season is currently streaming on Netflix.


Seven defeats Blackbird and Dai Bo rescues him as he falls unconscious. Manjusaka defeats Thirteen and holds her captive. Dai Bo gets Seven treatment which isn’t a success until Stan brings in old herbalist Shannong by kidnapping him.

The Herbalist is a capable doctor with real depth of knowledge and he identifies three toxins within Seven. Meanwhile, White Fox arrives at Chicken Island and calls Seven for a battle or he’ll destroy everyone.

Stan and Cola go to fight him but fail in front of his might. Meanwhile, Green Phoenix finally launches his revenge upon the leader of the Killers League. He’s slowed by Messenger, who turns out to be a robot from Stern.

Chairman Chiang carries Redtooth to Heaven Lily Sect. Her identity and history with Quan is revealed through flashbacks. She tries to free Quan from the demon who possesses him but Quan reveals he allowed it willingly.

They strike a deal the specifics of which are kept under wraps, but according to which he heads off to fight White Fox and successfully bring him down.

However, both assassins are shown to be critically injured before Scissor Seven season 4 moves to other characters, never to return to these two until the credits roll.

Green Phoenix is unsuccessful in killing off the leader and before the tables turn on him, he manages to save Thirteen and send her off to learn his most powerful technique, along with telling her the truth about his identity and plan.


Blackbird’s voice actor does an impeccable job it’s just a shame his character dies within the first episode of season 4.

Seven, Green Phoenix, and the Killers League leader benefit greatly from their voice actors while Dai Bo’s comedic chops are successful greatly because of the voice casting doing such a heavy lifting.

The rest of the voice cast is just as impressive as the main bunch, lending a significant amount of uniqueness to the multitude of characters.


The animation is really spectacular and punchy with all the colors and vibrance that have come to be associated with the animated series.

The humor is really great as per usual and is just the right kind of silly humor that can tickle all ages.

The more serious moments are delivered with just as much impact and it’s a testament to the characters who are very easy to root for and relate to when their stories and motivations are contemplated.

The action is again one of the highlights of Scissor Seven. The impact frames produce great hype with the choreography elevating the fluidity of the scenes.


Scissor Seven season 4 delves into the backstories and motivations of some characters all the while refusing to do so for some other major characters.

Many crucial things are left ambiguous at the end which just deprives one of the satisfaction of a complete arc or chapters in the bugger story.

The brevity has been and continues to be the biggest limitation of Scissor Seven. A measly runtime such as this isn’t nearly enough to properly deliver a gratifying story.


Scissor Seven delights with its usual flairs and features and continues to replicate the aspects that make it such a fun ride.

However, the tease and ambiguity end up making the subplots and arcs feel unfinished, leaving a bitter taste as the next installments of the series take a considerable amount of time to arrive.

Scissor Seven season 4
Scissor Seven season 4 review: Fun installment flies by too quickly 1

Director: He Xiaofeng

Date Created: 2023-09-21 12:30

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